Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life is such a beautiful journey...

Hello blog world! I would love to say that I have recently been inspired to start back blogging regularly, but truth is I really haven't had a lot to say lately. Of course plenty of WONDERFUL things have been happening and God has been teaching me great things, but just nothing really stuck out to blog about like it use to. With that said though I just want to share my life with you guys.... the ups the downs... the exciting times and the times I completely screw up. Life is constantly full speed ahead, but if I can just be a light in someone's life it makes taking time to blog worth it .

With that said..... What does my life look like at this moment?

~ Senior in college (Whoop Whoop! Never thought this day would come!)
~ 8 Months from marrying the man of my dreams
~Falling more in love with the  Lord each day
~Scared to death of the "Grown up world"
~Realizing how I suck at submission
~Wishing I could remember the last time I went to the gym (I have a wedding dress to fit into!)
~Wishing I didn't have English lit glooming over my head...
~Taking each moment at a time
~Considering finding something chocolate to eat!

Sound like anyone else?! Life is crazy and has plenty of ups and downs, yet at the end of the day I have comfort knowing that tomorrow is a new exciting day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

PIctures from life!

Hello Fellow Bloggers! :) It has been a while since I have posted more than pics... oops! With two active jobs, finals here, and all that other jazz that no one really cares to here that leaves little time to write! I do not want to completely abandon the blog though so i figured I would keep up with pics! They do say pictures are as good as a thousand words! :) So thats what we will do! These pics are from our Junior/Senior dance/banquet at school! Basically a college prom, but not so fancy. After the dance matt and I had the provelege of being with some of our very good friends when they got engaged! It was SUPER exciting!! Enjoy! :)


The girls as we were getting ready!
Matt and I all dolled up! :)

Showing off the ring! So happy for them!!

It was precious!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that does not really matter. ~ Francis Chan

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life as of lately!

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I've blogged, but as everyone else life has been busy! A few things have happened....

~ I found where the wedding and reception will be!!

~I Said YES to my wedding dress!!

~ I started a new job at Rite-Aid and I love it!

~ There are only 3 more weeks of school left!

Such an exciting time of life! Here are some pics!
Matt and I at a grill out at school!

This is the church we are going to have the wedding at!
It is my grandparents church in Montevallo!

We asked Adah to be one of our two flower girls! We asked her sister, meagan
to also be apart of the wedding handing out programs! We brought them a Gigi's cupcake and Matt
asked them to be apart of the wedding the same way he asked "Ms. Jennifer"!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I am a perfectionist with unrealistic expectations of myself... Who is with me? Since we moved the wedding date up to next may I still have a while,but I got on this kick of wedding planning. Seeing that this week is spring break I figured it would be perfect time. Who knew I would not for the life of me be able to find a place to have the wedding! I am determined to figure it out, but everything seems to be a dead end. I could go through the list of why different places will not work, but seeing that you, whoever is reading this could probably care less then I will skip all of those details. I have the photographer I want, an almost for sure dress, almost for sure catering plan, but just no place! The other thing is finding a job that can help us get an apartment when we need one. See I work like all the time, but it is babysitting which does not cut taxes. This is amazing until you start needing to prove that you can pay for an apartment. Soooo todays task was to apply to as many jobs as I could. We shall see how that turns out. Needless to say my head hurts... Am I the only one who ever feels this way? I refuse to be bridezilla, but it sure would help that refusal if I could find a place to be a bride!

On a good note though I found out I won free wedding bands from a competition i had entered! Also I got a free wedding picture guest book! That was nice! :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pics from my life!

Might I note that I am loving my new camera! :)

My New family! It was Matt's sisters Baptism and so we were all together.

We had a girls progressive dinner in the dorms! It was so much fun!
This was some of the girls on the first stop for sodas!

Some of the lovely ladies! :)
Just a peek into my life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

My New Family!

Matt's sister got baptized a few weeks ago and we went! Afterwards we all ate together. It is so exciting to think that I will soon be apart of their family!

Just a glimpse into my life!