Thursday, April 28, 2011


I just wanted to ask you fellow bloggers to please be praying for Alabama and the massive devastation that happened yesterday due to tornados and winds. The total so far today for deaths is right around 160. I've heard also that many states in the south east have had flooding and tornados like Alabama did. I ask you to pray as many people have lost everything they had and also lost family members! Note-the pics below are none that I have taken, but are within 50 miles of my home. You see things like this happen in other parts of the country or world, but you never expect it to happen near you! Just to give you a guide... for any of you who love football and know of the Alabama Crimson Tide many of the pics were from their city, Tuscaloosa. Prayers are appreciated! May God get the glory through this!

Prayers appreciated... 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tough Subject- Rape/Sexual Abuse

Sooooooo this is honestly one of those tough subjects that I did not want to write about. I was afraid I wouldn’t say the right thing or something like that. I've started many post in which all ended up being deleted. I’m determined to publish this one though!

I've done a large amount of research on this topic.... I've read many books, talked to numerous girls, searched the Bible, talked to multiple counselors about it, and simply sought the face of God over this whole issue. The truth is our churches are very hush hush about this issue. It is not something we generally have a Bible study about although it is something that many women deal with. The statistic of women who have encountered some form of sexual abuse during some time of their life is 1 out of 4 women. That means that if you are in a small group setting or 12 ladies 3 have had some encounter with sexual abuse. How sad is that? Most women go most of their lives without ever telling anyone.

Girls, abuse/rape is a serious thing. It is not something you can just "get over". I honestly cannot tell you how to get over it or a 5 step process to healing, but i can give you some hope. You can be healed! It will take time and energy, but it is possible! One of the major lies that women believe though is that once they have had their innocence taken that they are no longer a virgin. This is NOT true!! Sweetie, if you have had anything taken away from you it is not as if you gave it away! I whole heartedly believe that God still views you as Holy, whole, and not at all dirty. When people abuse others they often try to shift the guilt onto the victim. Please do not believe it... You are still whole, clean, and lovely! It was not your fault!
Final words... get some help. This may be one of the hardest things you ever do although I promise you it will be the best thing you ever. You may have been hurt by a father, brother, uncle, boyfriend, or someone you never even knew. The possibilities are endless. No matter who hurt you though you still need to tell. Find someone who will not only keep your secret safe, but also be able to help you. Tell a teacher, pastor, friend, or your parents! Just.tell.someone. If it is going on right now and you do not know what to do, get help immediately. Even if you aren’t sure whether it is sexual abuse or not, ASK! I have no doubt that it is if you are questioning it. Do not fear that the person you tell with think less of you or anything of the sort. More people care about you than you know!

You are not guilty, dirty, scared, or beyond healing. You are according to God Precious, beautiful, lovely, whole, special, and a treasure! Live your life today as though you believe that!

Praying for each one of you girls who have experienced this type of thing!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Legit ways to guard your heart!

How many times have you heard, "Guard your heart!"? Probably more than you can count. I know I have. I also know that I say it often. Here is the thing though... How do you really and truly guard your heart? Is it even possible? I believe it is! What makes you get all jittery? What makes you want to give everything to a man? Is it when he says, "I love you", when he tells you that you are beautiful, when he first kisses you, when he holds you? When is it? For each girl it is different. The thing is though it is not popular to guard your heart... it is unheard of. It is one of those things that girls talk about like it would be nice to do, but it is hardly ever done. Back to the point though, how can you do it? First of all you have to stop before that point that makes you want to give your all. I know.... it doesn’t sound like fun, but in the long run it will make life so much more fun! What is that point for you? Some girls it's saying I love you, some it is kissing, some it is making out, and for some it is even as simple as hand holding. Only you know. For instance yours is kissing. If kissing makes you want to do more then don't kiss him! I've honestly had girls tell me that kissing does nothing to them then that's fine. You have to be honest with yourself. I've mentioned saying, "I love you" a couple of times, but this really is a big deal. The world treats it as if it is nothing, but God treats it as if it is everything. I see teens put of their face-book status how they "love" someone soooooo much! They will love them forever and then the next week they are telling someone one else how much they love them. Is this true love? NO! We as girls believe it though and each time we believe it we are taking down our guard around our hearts. Once again, I know it is not popular, but I HIGHLY recommend waiting until you have been dating a while and if at all possible until you are close to engagement to tell the person you love them. I know it’s not normal....did God call us to be normal though? Another way to guard your heart is by being open with your parents... Sometimes that isn’t fun, but without a doubt it helps. Your parents will be able to see the big picture better than you will. You may think this guy truly loves you, has your best interest at heart, and all kind of other things when your parents can see that it is not that way at all. Be open... be real. Let them know who you are dating or even talking to.

Sweet girls, I've done it both ways.... I've not guarded my heart and I have guarded my heart. I can tell you it is possible and it is worth it! I've told a guy I loved him within the first week and I've also dated a guy for almost a year and never once told him I loved him. Would you like to guess which one left me with a broken heart? As my mother would say....."Take three guesses and the first two don't count!" (If you do not get that I bet you money you are not from the south! :))! Girls, it is possible and it is worth it!

One more way to think about it... Is your heart really yours to give away or does it belong to your future spouse? I was listening to a video by Eric Ludy talking about purity and he discussed this topic. He made the statement that in all reality it is not our heart to give away. It belongs to our future spouse. So when we give it away we are giving it to someone who does not deserve it and at the same time we are taking their heart from their future spouse. Does that seem right? Turning it into something positive though.... think ahead to your future husband. How would you feel if you were the only one he had ever told he loved, kissed, or anything like that? Wouldn’t that be amazing? I’m sure he would feel the same about you.... Now is the time to make that possible!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Easter is TRULY about!

Tis the Easter Season! Bunnies, chocolate, and spring is everywhere! What is the TRUE meaning of Easter? I recieved this poem/letter/ or whatever you call it thing today in an e-mail and thought it was veery eye openeing! Please read it and see what Easter is truly about!

"Still He Walked"
He could hear the crowds screaming "crucify" "crucify"...

He could hear the hatred in their voices,

These were his chosen people.

He loved them,

And they were going to crucify him.

He was beaten, bleeding and weakened...

His heart was broken,

But still He walked.
He could see the crowd as he came from the palace.

He knew each of the faces so well.

He had created them.

He knew every smile, every laugh, and every shed tear,

But now they were contorted with rage and anger

His heart broke,

But still He walked.
He felt alone.

His disciples had left, denied, and even betrayed him.

He searched the crowd for a loving face

And he saw very few.

Then he turned his eyes to the only one that mattered

Knowing that he would never be alone.

He looked back at the crowd...

At the people who were spitting at him

Throwing rocks at him and mocking him

And He knew that because of Him,

They would never be alone.

So for them, He walked.
The sounds of the hammer striking the spikes echoed through the crowd.

The cheers of the crowd, as his hands and feet were nailed to the cross,

Intensified with each blow.

And God's heart broke.

He had let His son walk.
Jesus could have asked God to end his suffering,

But instead He asked God to forgive.

Not to forgive him, but to forgive the ones who were persecuting him.

As he hung on that cross, dying an unimaginable death,

He looked out and saw, not only the faces in the crowd,

But also, the face of every person yet to be,

And his heart filled with love.

As his body was dying, his heart was alive.

Alive with the limitless, unconditional love he feels for each of us.

That is why He walked.
When I forget how much My God loves me,

...I remember his walk.

When I wonder if I can be forgiven,

...I remember his walk.

When I need to be reminded of how to live like Christ,

...I think of his walk.

And to show him how much I love him,

...I wake up each morning, turn my eyes to him,

......And I walk.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey girls! I wanted to ask you to pray for me this summer... I'm serving with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) this summer and I need to raise around $2,000.00 by the end of may. Please be praying for my fundraising and also this summer as I serve with CEF! Below is my support letter that I sent out which explains what I will be doing better and how you can pray specifically! Thanks in advance for the prayers! :)

I hope this letter finds you doing well! I have been offered the opportunity to work with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) again this summer! I have worked with them for two summers in the past and felt God leading me to work with them again. In case you do not know what CEF is… CEF is a mission organization with a focus on children. During the summer we as volunteers go to a week training. Then throughout the rest of the summer we are divided into teams and each day we teach 5-Day clubs. We go each day for a week to a home, YMCA, church, daycare, anywhere that there are children and have a club. A club last an hour. In that time there is a Bible lesson, memory verse, songs, mission story, and review game. Over the summers I have seen many kids come to Christ! I cannot wait to see what God is going to do this summer! Seeing that I’m in college I now have the opportunity to be one of the leaders, which also means towards the end of summer I will have the opportunity to go with fellow CEF people to Salt Lake city, Utah. We will be out there for two weeks and have a great time sharing the Gospel with others from all over the country while also having an extensive training session. The reason I tell you all this is I need your help. First and foremost I need you to pray. We do not know what kids we will be reaching this summer, but God does. Please be praying for them as well as us as we teach. Your prayers mean more than you could EVER know! Also, I will need to raise around $2,000.00. I ask you to pray and see if God would have you give anything. Your money would go towards teaching supplies, training, air fare to Utah, and living expenses while in Utah. Again, please consider giving. Not only your money, but also your prayers! Thank you for letting God use you!

In Christ,

Jennifer Rochester

Monday, April 11, 2011

Modesty... Does it even matter??

First off... Let's define modesty... What is modesty? Each person has a different opinion, but since it's my post I'm going to use my opinion! :)

Modesty- Honoring God in what you wear and the way you present yourself!

Here is the deal girls... It is your choice how you present yourself. You can look like a slut if you want to or you can look like someone who cares about herself and believes she is priceless. I often hear girls say, "Aren't we suppose to not care what others think??" that is true. Although here's the catch.... It does not matter what people think of you, but it DOES matter what people think of Christ because of you! Does the way you dress honor God? When you get dressed in the morning what are your thoughts? Are they about bringing attention to yourself or God? THIS is what modesty is about!! It is a matter of the heart.

Girls, we need to quit making excuses. I hear people say, "Those poor girls... they have no clue how they are causing guys to stumble." That is a LIE! We do know what we are doing, yet I continue to see girls do it. We crave attention and we know we can get it through the way we dress and present ourselves. I heard a great quote the other day and it said, "When you stop being the girl that needs a man you become the girl a man needs!" Girls, quit claiming to be innocent.

I also often hear girls say, "my boobs are just to big.... i cant help it!" *roll eyes* Again, this is an excuse. I personally could use that excuse, but I choose not to. God has given me my body. I get to choose who sees it and I choose no one until my husband.

QUIT DEGRADING YOURSELF! We as girls act like we are worth nothing then when guys treat us like we are worth nothing we want to complain and gripe about it. What do you expect them to do??

I'm not going to say what is modest or not.... You know. If you question something, don't wear it. I've heard more guys say that if you have to question it then it is an automatic no.

Sweet sisters in Christ.... I do not mean this post to be mean or anything of the sort, but it is time someone stood up and called us as girls out. This is not acceptable. It all boils down to whether you want to please God or yourself.... which will you choose?


Friday, April 8, 2011


The world has many things that they expect us to do or be. Is it possible to be everything that the world wants you to be? Lately I've realized just how impossible that can be. Let's look at a few things the world says we are to do and be...

~ BE SKINNY- No matter what it takes you are to be tiny. -0 by some girls is seen as fat.

~POPULAR- You have to have friends! Spending time hanging out with friends is a must.

~SMART- You have to do well in school! It is expected by colleges, parents, teachers, and coaches. It takes time to study.

~HEALTHY- Healthy can come from exercise, eating smart, and many other things.

~ THRIFTY- It is a big thing now to save money. This includes finding good deals, using coupons, shopping clearance, and preparing ahead.

~TIME MANAGEMENT- Our lives are jam packed with "stuff: that we have to know how to manage our time. This includes fast meals, driving faster, multitasking, etc.

~ LOVE GOD- It is expected not so much by the world, but by our churches and God. This includes spending time with God, praying, Bible reading, and worship. It is also expected to go on mission trips, volunteer, or help out in other ways.

~WORK- Work is almost a have to. Some teens may not have to work, but almost all at some point will have to work.

How can we do it all? Is it possible? Each girl has her own level of perfection, but lets talk about this for a little while... There are a few expectations that are contradictory. Number one and number four can easily be contradictory. Girls are often not skinny because they are healthy. If you are healthy and skinny that's great, but you add on that you are taught to be thrifty and have good time management. There are very few healthy dollar menus.

Another contradiction is friends and school. Which matters most? How can you fit both in?

This may seem a little dramatic, but I'm getting at a point. We cannot all be everything and do everything. We have to choose what matters most to us. I'm not saying that you have to decide to either do good in school or have friends. I'm saying it is a balance. What matters most to you? Where are your priorities? Each one of these things I've listed are good things, but none of them can be done to the extreme that the world tells us it should be done. I challenge you to choose what your priorities are and live your life in line with that. No one is perfect or able to do everything! I so often see a girl that is amazing at something yet she focuses on what she isn't so great at. Do not be so hard on yourself! The world in itself is hard enough on you already.

I urge you to seek God when deciding what matters most to you! Seek Him and see what HE wants!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to help your friends!

If you have friends you have friends with problems. It is just a fact of life! Your friends might not talk to you about their problems, but they also may often share things with you that you are not sure how to handle. Below are a few steps and ideas as to how you can help your friends through life!

~LISTEN... Plain and simple, just listen. Many times people just need to voice their hurts, concerns, daily life struggles, and problems. Being a friend who listens is one of the best friends you could ever be!

~GET HELP.... Sometimes things come up that we alone can not handle. It is not bad to need help! Parents, pastors, teachers, school counselors, etc are all trained to help girls like you so do not be afraid to ask! Just in case you are wondering what some things are that you may not be able to handle. Some of these being.... abuse, rape, alcohol or drug addiction, suicide (Even a threat needs to be taken seriously!), or any harmful activity.

~ENCOURAGE... You may not be able to take away your friends problem, but you can go through it with them! Encourage them daily and even when it seem like all hope is gone continue loving them.

~ SHARE THE GOSPEL... This may seem like an awkward time to share the Gospel, but when someone is going through a hard time without God life truly is hopeless and pointless. Sharing Christ with them is one of the greatest ways you can help them! It may not take the problem away, but it can give them hope, peace and joy!

~KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT... This may seem right opposite of number two, but here I am talking about gossip. There is NO good that can come from sharing your friends pain with another friend. Not even in prayer request form.... it is wrong.

~PRAY... This is sometimes used as a cop out by saying, "Sure I'll be praying for you!" but that is all you ever do. True friends support, but prayer is without a doubt one of the best ways you can support! Earnest prayers can change lives. Don't forget to let your friend know that you are praying for them!