Thursday, June 28, 2012


I’M ENGAGED!!! Those are the words that every girl dreams of saying one day!! As of Sunday around 11:15 am I am engaged to the sweetest, Godliest, hard working, smart, handsome, man that I could ever ask for! I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I was in a relationship. I want this post to be as much of an encouragement to you as it is about my excitement.

Matt and I have not been dating for long, but since early on we knew we were right for each other. It is almost been exactly 6 months. We met at school. At first we honestly did not even notice each other. We liked other people and after different things happened we became friends and talked often which led to our relationship. Long story short soon we knew we were meant to be together for life. I had dated a few guys before and he hadn’t really dated at all. Anyway, he of course asked my dad’s permission to marry me and dad without hesitation said yes. They as well knew that he was the man for me! We both decided to wait until we finish college to get married just because it would be hard to be in college and newlyweds. This equals a rather long engagement, but we are ok with that. We have no doubt that God will use us during this time in a special way just like He will when we are married! Now to the proposal… What every girl wants to know!! J He knows me well! He did it in front of our entire church last Sunday morning. We were, along with another guy being recognized for helping out with the kids and teens when the pastor informs the congregation that Matt had something he wanted to share. At this point I had already seen my best friend from school, his family, and my family walk in so I knew something was up. He began to share how when penguins find the one they love they do certain things. For instance the male penguin will search and search for his perfect mate and then when he finds her he will begin searching for the prettiest, smoothest, roundest rock and he will kick it from even sometimes miles away to place it at her feet. So with this in mind he had 4 rocks with a letter written on each one in which they spelt out “Love”. On the other side they spelt “Trus” at this point after he had layed them around me he grabbed my hand and began telling me of how he had waited, prayed for me and found me. He knew that I was the one for him. At this point Bro Bill standing behind him says, “I think you need one more rock!” That is when he is handed the ring! He then proceeds to get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife! J Of course I then gladly said, “YES!!”We hugged and the congregation excitedly applauded!! I honestly cannot remember what the rest of the service was about, but I can tell you I was the happiest woman alive! He had planned it so well and the ring was perfect! I had never told anyone, but always in the back of my mind I thought it would be nice to be asked in front of the church for one reason. I have stood so strong on purity. We had spoken to the youth about it, encourage the kids in it, and do our best to live it out for all to see. You probably already know, but we have vowed to not kiss until our wedding day. Many people find this hard to believe, but as he proposed they were able to watch and see that we only hugged and he kissed me on the top of the head. How many other girls would be ok with this? Very few! It was my untold dream though. Also he had people taking photos and video! Note to any guy… DO THIS! It means a lot to a girl! Anyway, also as far as the ring… he knew me well! I had told him a little of what I wanted but nothing to specific. I absolutely love it and believe it is the prettiest ring ever!! J Simple yet elegant! It was an exciting day! One I will remember forever! J

Now to you girls… yes it is a sweet story, but you may be thinking I will never find a guy like that! YES there are still men like that! They are few and far between, but I can promise you there are! As we sit back now and see how God brought us together we see how He had it all orchestrated. There were specific times that Matt needed prayer that I remember God laying on my heart to pray for my future husband. Same goes for him and me! God has someone in mind for you and He will be worth waiting on. I look back now and wonder why I made some of the decisions that I did. Nothing big, but things that I now regret. Dating isn’t a game or something to do just to pass time. Take it seriously and make decisions that honor your future spouse! There are good guys out there who will respect and love you for you. You will not have to give sex to receive love. Wait… Wait on a man who loves you for you and not for what you will give him! Wait for a man who will hold the door, kiss you on the forehead, and ask you about your relationship with the Lord! Trust me… It is worth waiting on! I would have never dreamed that I would be engaged at a young 20. I always feared I would be an old maid with no one in sight. God had a plan though! Who knows when you will get engaged, but I can promise you that God has a plan for you as well! Stay faithful… you never know when the right man will walk into your life! Do you want to be dating every guy around when he comes into your life? Just a few thought and challenges!

 Below are some pictures that were taken last Sunday! J Such a wonderful day!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Dating or Courting.... Either a sin?

So, the question is often asked, "Should I court or date?" This can be a very opinated topic and many people feel strongly one way or the other, but hopefully this post will help you see that it is not one or the other, but that it is about the heart. Each person has a different idea of courting. Some are more conservative and some are not. Some have a conservative idea of dating and some do not. Each persons’ idea is different. By Webster’s definition....

Dating: To have a date with

Courting: To engage in social activities within seek of engagement.

I will be honest with you girls from the beginning... I have no problem with a girl dating a guy (I'm in a dating relationship myself.), but I'm also very pro courting. What is the difference between the two? The main difference I see is that courting has the main purpose of leading to marriage where dating is often get together and break up the next day. My personal stand on this whole issue though is it is not what you call it, but how you handle it! I've known people who courted who got into just as much sin as people who dated did. I've also known plenty of people who dated who had a completely God honoring relationship. So, it is not about what you call it that makes one better than the other. It is how YOU act that makes the difference. It is often said that when dating you have more time alone and this can be true. Does it have to be though? Couples who are courting also have many opportunities to be alone. It is up to the couple to choose whether they take those opportunities or not. Do courting couples often stay further away from sexual sin? Some do and some don’t. It is the same exact thing with people who have dated.

Now I’m sure I have some of you pretty upset seeing that many of you have parents who only allow courting and that’s all you've ever really been allowed to do. That is great! Go thank your parents for that! My whole point in this is to make you realize that it is not what you call it that makes it OK or not it is what you do and how you act that makes it OK or not! Just like going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, courting does not make you pure. Also, to any parents who read my blog.... Just b/c your child courts and does not date, this is not an "I'm safe from anything happening" Seek God.... See what HE wants you to do! It may be date, court, or somewhere in the middle! As I’ve said time and time before, you know where you struggle and if dating causes to many temptations then do not do it!

I do believe that courting has one VERY strong pull and that is that it generally is wayyyyyy more focused on marriage. I see girls who date guy after guy and it becomes nothing for them to break up and a broken heart almost becomes nothing. is this the way it is suppose to be? NO! Dating was never mentioned in the Bible. The purpose of dating is to find the one and only man you will marry. I am not for any other kind. It is not OK to date just for fun... dating is not a game. This is where courting generally helps cut down on the breakups and in the long run saves many broken hearts. You can court and give your heart away just as easily though...

Girls, talk to your parents! See what they think about it. Maybe you feel that dating is OK, but they do not. This is when you have to choose to obey them even if it isn’t what you want to do. They have your best interest at heart and they know you better than you think they do. Trust and obey them b/c I promise you that if you go behind their back and date a guy God will not bless your relationship.

Below is a list of healthy relationship habits whether it be courting or dating relationship!

1. Do not spend to much time alone
2. Have Emotional Boundaries  (I love you, how dependant, etc)
3. Have Physical Boundaries (Self explanatory... think of all possibilities ahead of time!)
4. Involve parents
5. Have accountability partners
7. Seek the face of God...
8. Keep friends (Besides your significant other)

Praying for you!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living Above Reproach

Hi Gals! Long time no chat.. God has been teaching me a lot this last week and i wanted to share some of it with you! One of the main things is how we are called to live above reproach. This is often used, but rarely lived out. How do you do this? What does it look like? I am here to challenge you to find what it looks like in your life! Recently there were things that came up that I could have easily been accused of doing something that i did not do. As it was talked out I was found Innocent. How was i found innocent? Because by God's grace my life was above reproach in this situation. Now please do not think that I'm bragging or saying that I am perfect in any kind of way whatsoever. This has challenged me in other areas of my life to see if I am above reproach there as well. When someone looks at your life do you live in such a way that they can easily believe what you say? Can they easily believe that your intentions were of the best? Can they easily see that you seek to honor God with your life? Sometimes it is obvious one way or the other, but from what I have observed in life often people are on the line. They aren't obviously out to do wrong, but at the same time they are not obviously out to honor God either. I challenge you to examine your life... In what ways are you not living above reproach? What things do you do that if someone found out they would be deeply disappointed. We all have secrets and past, but the point is what you are doing now. So I challenge you! Think...ponder.... pray... Seek the face of Jesus over this... What ways is your life not meeting the standards of our Lord? In what ways are you not living above reproach? If someone accused you of something would your life be able to stand against their accusations? Would you have to defend yourself or could they see for themselves that you are not guilty. This is when your Christian walk means something!

Much care,