Friday, March 22, 2013


I am a perfectionist with unrealistic expectations of myself... Who is with me? Since we moved the wedding date up to next may I still have a while,but I got on this kick of wedding planning. Seeing that this week is spring break I figured it would be perfect time. Who knew I would not for the life of me be able to find a place to have the wedding! I am determined to figure it out, but everything seems to be a dead end. I could go through the list of why different places will not work, but seeing that you, whoever is reading this could probably care less then I will skip all of those details. I have the photographer I want, an almost for sure dress, almost for sure catering plan, but just no place! The other thing is finding a job that can help us get an apartment when we need one. See I work like all the time, but it is babysitting which does not cut taxes. This is amazing until you start needing to prove that you can pay for an apartment. Soooo todays task was to apply to as many jobs as I could. We shall see how that turns out. Needless to say my head hurts... Am I the only one who ever feels this way? I refuse to be bridezilla, but it sure would help that refusal if I could find a place to be a bride!

On a good note though I found out I won free wedding bands from a competition i had entered! Also I got a free wedding picture guest book! That was nice! :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pics from my life!

Might I note that I am loving my new camera! :)

My New family! It was Matt's sisters Baptism and so we were all together.

We had a girls progressive dinner in the dorms! It was so much fun!
This was some of the girls on the first stop for sodas!

Some of the lovely ladies! :)
Just a peek into my life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

My New Family!

Matt's sister got baptized a few weeks ago and we went! Afterwards we all ate together. It is so exciting to think that I will soon be apart of their family!

Just a glimpse into my life!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loving just one person

Confession: I love 7th Heaven! I was given a season for my birthday and one of the shows inspired this post! :)

This world is a sad, hurting, sick, perverted place.... I have this thing about watching the news and I'm not sure why because it is always sad, but I find it highly interesting. It is true though that there are plenty of bad people and bad things that happen in this world. Another truth is though that there is a loving and just God. That gives me peace to know that a God who calls me His daughter Loves me and in the end will have the final word. Not everyone knows that peace though...

Back to 7th heaven though... In the show Eric (the dad and pastor) challenged his congregation one Sunday. His challenge was to do one good thing for someone. It could be continuous or a one time thing. We sit around and complain dat after day about how bad our world is, but what are we doing about it? What are we doing to make a difference? We post statuses of Fb and tweet about how Obama has screwed up our country, yet he has not taken away our right to love others. We still have the right to make a difference. We can still encourage someone. No matter how many bad things happen nothing can take that away. we are to be salt and light! What are we going to do with this right and privelege? Are we just goin to sit by and complain about what has been taken away yet do nothing with what we have?

Today is the time you can love someone today! People come a go.... hurting... what do you do? What do I do? I could put verses on here about loving others, but I trust that you know them. We know what we are suppose to do, yet we just dont do it. We do not take the opportunity to...

YOU TODAY can touch someones life and make it better... Is that not an amazing thought? So what will you do? What will you do to make one person's life better? The options are endless! Stop and think about it... stop and pray about it... stop and do it... SHOW SOMEONE LOVE

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A glimpse of joy!

I love life! I almost always do, but sometimes more than others! Today was a gorgeous day and we had an extra hour of sunshine! Matt and I grilled out together for the first time and it was yummy! He is a great griller (Yes, I believe i just made up a word! :))! Check out the fun pictures! I cannot wait to continue experiencing life with this wonderful man!  

I promised him I wouldnt put this on fb seeing that I begged him to take an "Excited" pic... No promises were made about blogging it! ;) Note, he was excited about the cooking, but just not about the camera... lol

Now, be jealous! My man has skills! ;)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What is your reputation?

What do people think of you? So often we get bogged down with the "Don't care what people think abbout you!" or how people shouldn't judge you. Well, both of those are true, yet at the same time I do believe that you should be concerned about what people think about God because of you. Are you any different than the world? Can people notice that you are a christian without you having to say so? This does matter. I have a story from my own life that encouraged me to stand stronger on what I believe.

My old roommate Jmo (Jennifer Moreman, but since we have the same name I'm Jro and she is Jmo!) who is now the other girls RA has made a strong stand against movies or TV shows with sex scenes in them. She doesn't judge others who watch them, but herself personally has decided to not watch them. It is something that everyone knows, but if you are close to her you know this. I agree it is not healthy to watch them, but I struggle to keep the same standard. Let's be honest... how many shows are there that do not have some form of sex scene. It is hard, but besides that. Jmo has made a stand and I'm sure she struggles, but she fights hard. Well the other night I was watching a movie and it was not a bad movie at all. I'm pretty sure it was rated pg, but when jmo knocked on my door I invited her in. I looked at the tv and realized there was a rather passtionate scene on. Nothing that to someone with usual standards would mind. I knew that Jmo would rather not watch it though. Girls this is the type of standard we should set... She never once said I thing to me or has never asked me to change anything. She just simply stood for what she believed. She made no big deal of it or anything. How about you? Can you say the same thing about youself? Sadly most of us cant... So the point of this post is to encourage each of us to be more like Jmo in the way we stand up for what we believe!


Friday, March 1, 2013


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.”

Corrie ten Boom