Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday - Day 6 (The Final Day)

Yell, today is the final day. Everyone is finishing up their projects. It was been a good week and everyone has enjoyed it, but they are tired and ready to get home. Get back to their own bed and to rest and relax for a while.

Today is Jonathan's Birthday, he is 14 now.
They have posted new pictures on We had been kidding Jonathan that we did not believe he was there because we never saw any pictures of him. Today there were several posted.
The only time that Jennifer ever got on the roof.
Plumb Bob - Team Picture
Sore Thumbs Team Picture

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday - Day 5

Again today was a good day. Jennifer was able to lead another youth to the Lord. He was 11 years old. Jonathan was able to wittness to two children today also. Jennifer's team assisted another crew on roofing a house. This house was two or three times as big as their house and had two layers of shingles. They were still hauling shingles to the dumpster today. Jonathan's team finished painting their house today and will be going to assist another team tomorrow. Tomorrow is Jonathan's Birthday.

Jonathan was telling us that in the past two years there as been a total of 17 decision made in Little Rock. This year as of Thursday night there has been at least 15 decision made. PTL

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had an article in today's paper about World Changers.
"By the end of the week, World Changers aims to have repaired 25 homes, which would bring its total in Little Rock during the three years to 75 homes. Brown said all told, World Changes has saved the city $750,000 in labor costs. The city’s Housing and Neighborhood Programs Department identifies the houses through an application process and spends $50,000 for the supplies and materials using federal Community Development Block Grants."

“To see the joy and excitement in the homeowners’ faces just blows them away,” she said. “It changes their world at the same time that they’re changing the people in Little Rock’s world.”

Wednesday - Day 4

Well everyone is getting tired but everyone had a good day. Jennifer's crew finished up on their project yesterday so then went to help out another crew this morning. Jonathan's crew is still painting on their house. All of the World Changer's crew got the afternoon off. The group from Calera went to a Water Park and then out to eat at Cracker Barrel.

This is the house that Jonathan's team - Sore Thumbs - have been working on

Picture of Wild River Country Water Park that they went to.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday - Day 3

We heard from both Jonathan and Jennifer. They are having a great time. Jonathan wittness to a 74 year old man today. This was the first time that he has ever wittnessed to someone. They will be working just a half of day on Wednesday and will be going to a water park for the afternoon. Jennifer went out and was able to wittness to a about 10 people and 1 accepted Christ as thier Savior.

Monday - Day 2

Jennifer was able to stay off the roof for the most part. She got on the roof for them to take a team picture then she came back down. She spent the day carrying the old shingles that was thrown down to the dumpster and keeping the ground clean. They were able to remove all the shingles yesterday, put all the tar paper on, and put shingles on half the roof. Today will be an easy day and they should get some free time this afternoon. Jonathan's team also made good progress and should finish their house today.

Fox 16 News in Little Rock did a story on the world changers click here to see it.

On the World Changers blog in was reported that 5 people were saved at work sites Monday. Praise the Lord.

A story that she told us on Jonathan was that Sunday some guys from Texas had their lariat and was roping. Jonathan walked over to one of the guys and asked if he could try it. The whole time he was saying to himself, I hope I can still do this. He was able to rope it and everyone started kidding the Texans because this city slicker in his plaid shorts just beat them at roping.

Jennifer's team name is Plumb Bob and Jonathan's team is Sore Thumbs.

The house that Plumb Bob is replacing the roof.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Night - Team Assignments

Today everyone was assigned to their team. They spent the day with their team getting to know each other and what their assignments would be. Jennifer's comment was "OH MY LORD JESUS WHAT IS GOING ON" when she was assigned to the Roofing Team. They went to their worksite to meet the people where they would be working and to look over the job that they were assigned. When the Crew Leader told her to climb the ladder, she told him NO WAY am I going up that ladder. I will do what ever you need ON THE GROUND. So they worked out a deal and for now she thinks that she will get to stay down. I believe that she said that Megan Finley and William Davis are on her team. Jonathan is on a team with Michael Green and Margaret Hague is there team leader. They are assigned to the scraping and painting team. Everyone seems to be having a good time. They will be eating breakfast at 6:15 am and then hitting the road to the construction site. Here is a link to another blog that I have found for the Little Rock, World Changers group.

Here is a very short video from Jonathan on the house they are painting.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Calera Baptist Youth leave for World Changers

The youth group from Calera Baptist left at 7:00 this morning headed to Little Rock AR. They arrived around 4:00pm. Jennifer will be sending things back for me to post to her blog through out the week to keep everyone updated. Also you can see pictures posted on
and World Changers also have a blog

Friday, June 20, 2008

I serve an AWESOME God!!

This has been a wonderful week in numerous ways! I had a average of three clubs each day. The first two clubs was at Alabaster YMCA and the third was at Kids First. We are not allowed to counsel (One on one lead a child to Christ after they respond to an invitation.), which is often hard. Also, each club had extremely hard disciplinary problems and there was no respect. At kids first many of the children were from terrible home situations. Anyway, as a group we gave it to God and just asked HIM to work. We had done all we knew and could do. Although, on the last day God worked! Every child was attentive and extremely obedient! Our leader presented the gospel and it was amazing to sit back and watch as God used her to share God's everlasting love!

Just a few illustrations.... Mrs. Debbie, who taught the Bible lesson had plainly said that because we have all sinned her are not allowed into Heaven, but that God had a wonderful plan so that we could get to Heaven and after explaining how Christ took our punishment a young girl (most likely around 8 years old) piratically jumped up and said, "How can I have forgiveness of my sins??!!"! It was such an exciting moment as it was evident that the children were understanding! Also, a young boy had been acting up all week. He was one of the worst distractions that I had ever seen, although just moments before our last club we prayed as a group and he was on many of our hearts. During that club he listened and as he heard the gospel it was as if you could see a change right there in his disposition! He had joy! Afterwards he would have normally come up and told us that he was glad to see us go, but not that day! He came up and began thanking us for sharing with him about Jesus and hugging us. As we left that day the children were talking about Jesus and there was such a sweet change of attitude!

We have no idea a number of decisions that were made, but God does!

I just want to remind you that you serve an AWESOME God! NOTHING is too big for Him! Philippians 4:13 says," I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."! This past week has been one more example of how we can not do it all on our own.... Without God we are absolutely NOTHING!

Please continue praying for those precious children who heard the Gospel this week! I pray that God waters each and every one of those seeds!

In Christ's amazing love,

Jennifer Rochester

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God has a plan....

Just to let you all know... Hannah did go to be with the Lord this afternoon around 4. She had made it through the night, but was not responsive at all. I listed some specific prayer request below! Your prayers are cherished! Thanks!

*For the family of the young lady that died.
*For the driver of the car as she is taking it extremely hard.
*The other driver involved (A young man who is only 17 years old.)
*For the teens that were her co-workers.
*Just that God would receive the glory for it all!

Again, thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,
Jennifer ~Jeremiah 29:11~

Please be praying.....

I want to ask you all to be praying for two young ladies (Elizabeth and Hannah). They are involved with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) just like I am, except they live in Gadsden therefore their clubs are in Gadsden. Anyway, they were in a serious wreck yesterday. Below is the message that I received. I'm not sure if she did make it through the night or not. I will let you know as soon as I know an update. Thanks for the prayers!

“Two of her summer missionaries (Elizabeth and Hannah) were coming back from a class this afternoon when they were involved in a serious accident with a teenager (age 17) who was driving a truck. Doris (Their leader) was driving down the same road they were on when she passed the accident. She turned around and went back to them. They allowed her to talk to Elizabeth after they got her in the ambulance. Then she watched them get Hannah out of the car. Elizabeth was taken to the hospital in Gadsden and was released tonight. Hannah was airlifted to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham and is in critical condition. Doris said they called and said that they did not expect her to live through the night. The driver of the truck was okay. At this point, Elizabeth does not know of Hannah's condition. They decided not to tell her yet. Doris and Robert are on their way to Birmingham right now. Please pray for Hannah and Elizabeth and their families, and Doris.” - Debbie BlackHannah is in the ICU of Children’s Hospital. Doris said that the next 24 hours are extremely critical and the Doctors are not sure if she will make it or not. Thank you for praying!

In Christ's Love,
Jennifer Rochester

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looking foward to what God has planned!

Hello! Well.... I just got home from a ten day training Friday! I was more than ready to get back home although, it was sad to leave the numerous new friends that I had made! Training was defiantly a success. I'm not sure the exact number of children accepting Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, although I do know that it was around 100! Praise the Lord! We also we out as a large group Thursday afternoon to share the Wordless book with young children, which also allowed many more children to come to Christ! Again, what a blessing!

We will begin our first week of clubs tomorrow in the Shelby County area! I know that I will be on a team of two (A young man named Wilson and I). This can often be difficult, but I'm looking forward to seeing how God is going to work!

There is an awesome group of teens from the Birmingham area involves this year! There are seven teens and 4 leaders.

Anyway, just a few specific prayer request...

~That our group will continue to bond into the Body of Christ!
~ For safety as we are traveling!
~For each one of our Physical Health!
~Also, each teen as they share the gospel throughout the week (Ruth, Mary Grace, Hope, Matt, Wilson, Caleb, Benjamin, and I)!

Thanks for your prayers! They are extremely appreciated! :)

In Christ's Love,
Jennifer Rochester