Wednesday, November 23, 2011


What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This thought has been ringing through my mind often lately... Why do I do the things I do and not do the things I choose to not do? Yes, reread that sentence if you didn’t get it the first time. You so often hear of good Christian people "Falling away" from their faith and having no conviction about it. It is heart breaking and I ask myself why they would do such a thing. As I have observed I have realized just how many "Churched" teens grow up living under what I call their parents faith. They know what their parents believe and they do what they are expected to, but when that come to that time in life when they have to decide for themselves what they believe the real thing comes out. It is no longer good enough to know what mom or dad believes. You must know what you believe. I personally came to this time around the age of 15/16. I was going through a really rough time. I had made some mistakes and began to realize that I personally must know what I want for myself and what I believe is right or wrong. I had the ground morals down, but not the little things. This was when I began to stand strongly for purity. I remember looking up verses on it, reading books, seeking God, asking older ladies who I trusted, etc. I began to search for what I myself believed. My parents completely back up my decisions and standards although they did not set them for me. They would be perfectly fine with me kissing a guy before my wedding day although I choose not to. It does not just have to pertain to sex. Beliefs as far as drugs, alcohol, your friends, grades, the shows you watch, the websites you go to, the way you spend your time, the time you spend with God, where you go and when you go. These are things that if you have not already you will one day have to decide for yourself. When that time comes will you stand strong or will you crumble? If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times.... NOW IS THE TIME THAT YOU DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE! Yes, you can quote me... :) jk I'm serious about this. So many teenagers live a life of carelessness and because of it they suffer and regret it for the rest of their life. Do you want to be one of those people? I’m not saying you have to be a holy roller type of person. My plea is to simply know what you stand for and stand strongly on it.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity her heart for love. For those that don't like her...she uses prayer." ~ Jolly Rutten ~

Friday, November 4, 2011

Am I crazy?!

This title is a thought that has been running through my mind often over the last few days... Am I crazy to think that God has a "Special" man for me? Am I crazy to not want to kiss a guy until my wedding? Am I crazy to want to live my life for only one thing.... Jesus?

It's amazing how sometimes I feel as if there are tons of people with me and how everyone admires my standards. Then other times I feel as if I'm the only one that exist who cares to remain pure. Do you ever feel that way? Just to be real with you.... I have heard more than one guy say lately, "I would love to date her, but i just don't think i could do the whole not kissing thing." Does that bother me? Not really. I'm glad they know that I'm not gonna give in and we both don't waste our time. It does make me feel alone though. I know I'm not,  but it makes me wonder if I'm the only one who feels called to a "Higher calling". Will i find a man who is willing to wait or even more wants to? Only God knows.

I say all this not to complain or say woe is me, but to encourage you also. I'm sure if it is hard for me that means it is also hard for you girls who are striving for a pure life. Whether you are willing to kiss a guy or not it can still be hard. It is expected that you would sleep around, make out with any guy, and just do whatever. The thought that we wont is absolutely revolutionary. We are few and far between. We are not alone though. Satan wants us to think so, but it is not true.

I challenge you to do a few things.... First, continue standing strong! Do not waver. Know what you stand for and stand strong. Secondly, pray for your future husband that he will stand strong! I believe that it is even harder for guys. Peer pressure is just harder. Pray and pray hard for him. Finally, encourage any of your friends who are standing for their purity! They may seem like they have it all together, but you never know what is going on in their mind. Satan may be giving them down the country and your kind word of encouragement may be just what he or she needs!

I love you girls! I hope you feel God this week and know that you are NOT alone!