Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can you tell that i love taking pictures of the kids? They are such a joy! Anyway... This week is going great! One child received Christ today! It was wonderful!

One of the things that I'm most encouraged by is the power of the Gospel! You know we (Regular church attenders) often get use to the Gospel. It's great and everything, but it isn't OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!! Although, to these kids that have absolutely no hope and have been shown no love the Gospel can and will change everything about them! You can tell it in their precious eyes! After accepting Christ into their life their eyes began to sparkle!! If you have never had the chance to experience seeing a life changed it is one of the most rewarding and spectacular things you will ever witness!! At least in my opinion...



Krista said...

Your right dear! I love it when God allows me the opportunity to share the gospel and it is a double blessing when the person you are sharing with says, "Yes, I would like to ask Jesus to come into my heart." The times that we go out on FAITH visits, and all I ask the Lord for is an opportunity to tell someone about Him and then it happens! It's awesome.

Keep up that evangelistic heart! Keep sharing Christ with those children!

Ecstatic for you,

Michelle C. said...

What a wonderful job you are doing! I'm so proud of you. Thank you for your comments- they are very encouraging. Keep up Christ's work and jsut imagine the treasures in heaven you will receive!