Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A facebook note!

I wrote this on Facebook a while back, but I just recently found it again. I thought it had a good message and so I decided to post it on here! Hope you enjoy!! :)

Hey guys! Well, I just got through making (well.... at least trying!) some rice krispie treats! See, I'm not the best baker in the world, but I do enjoy trying. The worst part of all is that I REFUSE to read the directions! Anyway, tomorrow night a Bible study I'm involved in is having a Christmas party and I thought that I would bring some cute Christmas rice Krispie treats! They were (hopefully still are lol!) going to have one layer of rice krispies, then a layer of icing w/ red and green mnms, and then finally another layer of rice krispies *yum yum**! Although, some where along the way I messes up. I think half of the krispies part is still stuck to the bottom of the pan!!!
Anyway, I started thinking..... This is just like our lives w/ Christ. We can have great intentions and everything, but if we do not read God's word then everything is useless. By not reading the directions I made a terrible (Yes, I do mean terrible lol!) mess. So many times we (at least I do) think I can handle this on my own, but in the end I have truly just made a huge mess!
So, my challenge to you is spend some time w/ your Lord and Savior today!!!! Life can get sticky some times, but if we just read and FOLLOW the directions everything will work out!
As far as the ricekrispies.... We will see how they turn out lol! Maybe some will turn out so that I can take it to the Bible study tomorrow night! Doesn't this make you feel sorry for my future husband lol?
W/ all jokes aside... Have you done your quiet time today?? If not, go do it!!! Read the instructions!!!! Luv ya!!!

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Mitzi said...

I LOVE rice krispie treats and have been intending on making some myself. I hope they turned out alright. Sorry I have not been able to have much time lately. Know that I am interested in the happenings, troubles, praises, etc.