Sunday, July 12, 2009

I finally got online!!! PRAISE THE EVERLOVIN LORD!!!

So, I finally got a chance to get online! Can i get a PRAISE THE LORD?!?! So, we arrived safely in Ventanas, Ecuador and began sharing the Gospel yesterday. It has been AMAZING so far!!!

A few exciting stories though... To begin with, when we firsdt got here and met opur people (translators and nationals) we were told that they would like us (Bro sam, delight, Mr. Jack, and I) to do a n interview on the public radio. So, we agreed. Yes, I spoke on the radio... VERY little.... but none the less i did! :) Come to find out... over half a million people listen to that radio station!!!! So, now we are considered, "Moviestars" or "popular"! Who knew??!! Anywho, Our church that we are trying to start is in the middle of NO WHERE!! We have to travel by a motercycle with a buggy thing attached to the back! That would include 2 americans (Bro sam and I), 2 translators, and 2 nationals! You can only imagine how cramped we are.... Although, im getting use to it! The first thing that our people told us is that where we are going is full of bugs and snakes.... Bro sam and I both said, LORD HELP US! No worries though... we have not seen any snakes, although the bug thingsd were true! My legs are COVERED in bights! Its the price you pay though! We had to walk a couple of miles to get to the houses. They were multiple miles apart. Once we had to cross a river with only tww pieces of bamboo to walk on... (ill have pics later!). Lets just say that i prayed more right then then i had the whole trip! I made it across though! Today while i was going over it for the third time so far they had the courage to tell me that there were aligators below... lets dont even go there!! Six people accepted Christ today though!!!!!!!! Whice for how far apart they are is AWESOME!

Ive got to go get ready for church service tonight! Evidentally im gonna be singing.... Bye! :)


P.S. If i messed anything up spelling wise... just count it as im having to do this on a spanish keyboard! :)


Anonymous said...

So excited to read your updates, Jen!!

Praying for you, Chrisyt Blackwell

Darlene said...

Glad to hear how things are going. I will pray you don't see any snakes. Yikes....that one would probably have me praying more. LOL I don't like the ones we have here or anywhere for that matter.
Keep smiling for Jesus!

Aunt Kathy said...

Jennifer I can only say that the thought of snakes and alligators would have found me back at the airport first ticket home. You are so brave! God bless you and I pray for your safety and health.I Enjoy reading your blogs, I will tell Debbie so she can write to you also. Kathy