Saturday, June 18, 2011

Biblical Womanhood!

Is there such a thing? Our world is desperately consumed by the thought of “equal rights”. Women deserve to be just like men and they can not only do anything a man can do, but they can do it better. I’m all for women having the same rights, but I want to get at something else with this. One of the big parts of the equal rights movement was that women did not want to be seen as just a body, something sexual, or for lack of better words a piece of meat. Because of the ladies who were determined to change America made a change to respect women. Women are now allowed to go to college, have high paying jobs, and for the most part do whatever they want. There is an odd thing about it though… Since women have been given this right there have been attitude changes within women. They have began wearing revealing clothes, pursuing men, acting in sensual ways, and giving private information out whether it be through txting, facebook, blogging, and many other ways. Why is it this way? They almost seem as if they want a guy to picture them in sexual ways. Of course they say it disgusts them, but if it does why do they dress that way? Girls we are not required to be just a sexual being… women have fought for us so that we could now have freedom to be whomever we want to be and do whatever we want to be. Why use that to only hurt ourselves?  

Precious sisters in Christ…. You do NOT have to be looked at as a piece of meat, although I can promise you that if you dress like you want to be looked at as a piece of meat you will be. You do not have to be cheated on and disrespected, although if you choose to date the guys who will treat you like that then I can promise you it will happen.  

With all that said… there is a middle line. You do not have to be so under authority that you cannot make any choices on your own, but you do not have to go the complete opposite where you just do whatever you want. There is a healthy balance and the balance is to be under the authority of God and He will not treat you as worthless, a piece of meat, or anything else. Then He will at the right time lead you to the right guy who will treat you the same way! It’s like the saying, “Dance with God and at the perfect time He will let the perfect guy walk in!”


Natasha Atkerson said...

I think the issue is, girls want to be cherished, and pursued. The world has twisted that into "equal rights" which makes guys feel less than, and basically "sat down". So girls start pursuing, and things get messed up. Great post!
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Sierra said...

Ohmigoodness!I had been wanting to do a post on how terrible women are being portrayed, but I never thought about it from this point of view!Thanks so much!It is so true.Sierra
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Emmy said...

Great post! Definitely something that needs to be said more often!

Meggie said...

Yes, I think we have all filled as if we want to be pursued and loved, it makes us feel like that people want us.
Us girls need to hear this topic more often, to remind us that we are special and we dont need to be pursued.