Monday, October 26, 2009

What we stand for!

Hey girls! I just wanted to give you an idea of the things we stand for... This isn't just a, "wait for sex until marriage" deal. We want to encourage you girls to pursue God with your everything and with that our sexual desires will seem to fade until it is God's timing, hence the name of the group! Of course we stand for abstinence, but we also stand for purity of mind and heart. As girls it is SO easy to give away our heart and body because we think that he, "loves" us. Often girls give parts of themselves away without even the promise of it turning into a dating relationship, but we stand for waiting just a little while... It is between you and God as far as how far you go before you are married, but hopefully through this blog you will be able to see purity in a totally new light! Not as a chore or something your parents and youth minister have shoved down your throat, but something that you want to do and are proud of! The limit we are going to go by basically is that you shouldn't do anything that you wouldn't feel comfortable doing with Jesus sitting beside you. We all know that He is there with you if you have asked Him into your heart... So just think about that! It can be kind of disturbing...

Also, I wanted to add that if you have ANY questions or things that you would like to discuss, but maybe do not want to post it as a comment feel free to message either one of us or you can e-mail us!


Love you girls!!

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Rae!! said...

Ok sooo quick question but something to ponder on.
1.When we become a christain does that mean God forgets all the sins we have made in our past and juss looks on us now or when its our judgement day is he going to juss bring it up but still let us into heaven?
2. When the bible says ones a christain is always a christain does that mean that if we accept christ and then a month after living our life for him on fire we go back to our old ways are we still going to go to heaven?

Thanks So Much Jen luv ya girl!!
Raven Bice