Friday, August 13, 2010

Gettng Passionate!

Kat and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago and I've had it on my mind a good bit ever sense. There is a MAJOR difference between Religion and relationship. Religion is great, but having relationship makes it personal. It is also kinda like the difference between Savior and Lord. Savior is just the fact that He saved you and there is nothing wrong with that, although Lord is more personal. When you call Him your Lord you are ultimately saying you are the Lord/King over my life. I give you all my desires, hopes, questions, failures, everything, and all I desire to do is honor you! Have you come to that point yet?

What Kat and I were talking about though was worship and how we worship. I will tell you right now we are both very Charismatic in our worship. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to worship... You know whether you are giving everything to God or not!

Anyway, a couple of days after we were talking about it I was spending some time with God and the presence of God just became so real to me! I was keeping 3 little girls and so as any kids do they would go from room to room playing with things and if they came into the room i was in i would just move to the next bc I couldn't concentrate with the right around me and I just couldn't make myself put my Bible down! It had been a rather hard week and I had a massive amount of things to get done that week and anyway one of them was I'm starting up a new singing group at church and so I was listening to the CD and working on the music and instead of just working on notes or figuring out parts I began to worship and I will be honest with you I cried... I cried a good bit. Not sure why except I was just in awe of My Lord! So after like an hour of worship through music I decided to spend some time with God by reading my Bible. Ive been reading through 1 and 2 Corinthians. I adore these books! Not that I don't like the rest of the Bible, but lately they have been exactly what I needed to hear! God just has a way of doing that type of thing! ;) Anywho, I began reading about Jesus coming back and how in a twinkling of an eye He will be here and that everyone will now a knee to Him and I was floored. This may be a tad embarrassing, but i don't care! I began dancing... like i just couldn't contain the excitement! I needed to look at the future and not focus on my problems now. Those verses showed the power of the God I serve!

With all that said, I ask you... Do you view Jesus as your Savior or Lord? I do believe they will both get you to Heaven, but can i tell you how big of difference and how amazing it is to have a RELATIONSHIP with God!! Its just like best friends. You can call yourself best friends and you can talk the talk, but if you two do not talk, spend time together, encourage/praise each other, love on each other, you will really just be faking a great friendship! Are you faking it? Oh girlfriend let me tell you... sometimes when God and I talk it isn't pretty... you know we all have those times that we don't understand, we aren't happy, we are hurting, and it just doesn't feel right. The thing is though, by the time I get through being in the presence of God I have a peace, joy, and calmness that NOTHING compares to!

So, get passionate! Let others see your love for God! Don't be ashamed! Romans 1:16 says, "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.". There are also the verses talking about light and us being the light for Christ in this dark and dying world. The deal is though every Christian has a light, but the closer you get (TRULY get closer!) the brighter you light is! So how bright is your light? I want mine to be so bright that people can see me from miles away!

Loving God and others,

P.S. I often do not add pics, but I have some of the girls that I kept and they were just soooooo adorable and I want you guys to see who Ive talked about off and on all summer and some of you who I email these are the girls I tell you stories about! :) Enjoy!!

Piper and I!

Mary Bradford! =)

Kelley! =)

Playing Dress up!

I just love these girls!!

If I took 100 pics 98 of them would look like this! =)


Sierra said...

Cute!Awesome post.
You gotta love those letters.
A verse that kind of relates to what you were reading James 5:8.
I love it.

Meggie said...

Great post. God has really asked me to get more passionate about Him and radical for Him this week. It's the exactly sort of thing that has been happenning to me.

Something that has really jumped out at me is putting God over your life as KING and LORD, means obeying Him to any extent, because a lord is basically a master. Like the Bible says, You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. ~ Romans 6:18.