Friday, November 4, 2011

Am I crazy?!

This title is a thought that has been running through my mind often over the last few days... Am I crazy to think that God has a "Special" man for me? Am I crazy to not want to kiss a guy until my wedding? Am I crazy to want to live my life for only one thing.... Jesus?

It's amazing how sometimes I feel as if there are tons of people with me and how everyone admires my standards. Then other times I feel as if I'm the only one that exist who cares to remain pure. Do you ever feel that way? Just to be real with you.... I have heard more than one guy say lately, "I would love to date her, but i just don't think i could do the whole not kissing thing." Does that bother me? Not really. I'm glad they know that I'm not gonna give in and we both don't waste our time. It does make me feel alone though. I know I'm not,  but it makes me wonder if I'm the only one who feels called to a "Higher calling". Will i find a man who is willing to wait or even more wants to? Only God knows.

I say all this not to complain or say woe is me, but to encourage you also. I'm sure if it is hard for me that means it is also hard for you girls who are striving for a pure life. Whether you are willing to kiss a guy or not it can still be hard. It is expected that you would sleep around, make out with any guy, and just do whatever. The thought that we wont is absolutely revolutionary. We are few and far between. We are not alone though. Satan wants us to think so, but it is not true.

I challenge you to do a few things.... First, continue standing strong! Do not waver. Know what you stand for and stand strong. Secondly, pray for your future husband that he will stand strong! I believe that it is even harder for guys. Peer pressure is just harder. Pray and pray hard for him. Finally, encourage any of your friends who are standing for their purity! They may seem like they have it all together, but you never know what is going on in their mind. Satan may be giving them down the country and your kind word of encouragement may be just what he or she needs!

I love you girls! I hope you feel God this week and know that you are NOT alone!



Natasha Atkerson said...

Jen, your not alone either! I'm 17 years old, have never kissed a guy, and never dated a guy. It can be discouraging, but take heart! Don't settle for less than the best, God's best! Hope you have a fantastic weekend,
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Makay said...

I'm 17, and I have been kissed, but that is all- and only by the man that God has told me I am going to marry. I wait patiently for that day, an seal forever with a kiss on those special occasions. Kisses are not wasted, and they are as pure as a newborn child. We must stay strong and remember that Jesus is our first love, and that He has all of us--- we must remember to stay pure, and to pray wholeheartedly for the man that will some day take us as their one and only. :)

Great post! And no, you are CERTAINLY not crazy. :)


Luke Mason said...

I don't think you know me, but I just found your blog, and all I have to say is WOW! It's SO encouraging to see others living for God rather then themselves in this crucial area of love. I'm a guy, obviously, and I don't know if this is a girls-only blog, but I love it! It gives me hope when I feel that I'll never be able to wait on love. I've read When God Writes Your Love Story by the Ludy couple, and it completely changed my life. I've given up chasing girls and I am now living for God and my future wife rather then for my own desires. It's so hard sometimes, and almost all of my friends are doing the opposite, but I know that I need to stay strong, and this blog helps.
Thank you so much, Jen, whoever you are, for making this blog and encouraging those of us who want to follow God in our love life.

Meggie said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear Jen! This means so much, I have been feeling bitterly lonely the past few weeks, and with those God ordained words you spoke to my heart and turned me around. Cannot thank you enough!


Godsbeloved said...

I am in my senior year of college, and have not been kissed and i do have moments when i feel like im the only one in the world waiting and that i'll never find a man with my standards, BUT i know that God has called my future husband to the same standard of purity he has called me to, and i know He has done the same for all of you precious girls! I dont intend to kiss any guy till my wedding day so if thats your goal, keep going strong! You are not alone...Im praying for all girls with high purity standards cos WE are the generation to raise the standards of this world :)

Hisbeloved! <3