Saturday, March 24, 2012

Are You Praying For Your Future Husband?

I have mentioned before praying for your future husband. This is a cliche thought to some of you, but I challenge you to really view it as a privilege and a challenge. Girls you were created for a specific man and as crazy as it sounds that man is out in this world somewhere. He is fighting daily battles, trying to find purpose in this life, and is maturing just like you are. He may be a little older or younger, close by or far away, he may already know God or he may not. The possibilities are endless as to where he is in his life. You have the amazing privilege of being his future wife. What are you going to do with that? God has chosen you to be his support, encouragement, and help meet. Why wait until you know that he is the "One" to begin being those things? You can choose to not only honor him now, but to pray for him and seek the Lord on his account! I've seen many books on the power of a praying wife, but what about a praying girlfriend or future wife? Prayer still has the same effect no matter where you are in the relationship! I pray constantly for my future husband. There are times in particular over my teen years that God has layed him on my heart. I have no idea what he was going through or why God layed him on my heart, but i know He did and i was faithful to intercede for him in prayer. Are you being faithful to your husband even now? I hope so! What are some things that you pray for your future husband? Below are some of mine! Girls we need to get it together... NOW is the time that matters! The decisions you and your future husband make now will determine your future and the make or break of your marriage. Quit waiting around... Now is the time to honor your husband!

I pray for...
~Wise Decision making
~A faithful relationship with God
~That he honors his parents
~That he honors me
~Good grades
~Hard working
~Doesn't go to far with other girls
~Fights any temptation
~Gets enough rest
~Has Godly friends
~Has proper priorities

Praying for and with you girls!



Haley said...

Thank you for this profitable post. You can easily forget or not even think to pray for your future husband when God works through your prayers. Would it be ok if I reposted this on my blog?

mukesh kumar srivastava said...

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Katherine said...

Very good post, as always. :)
I have a question, how do you wait for your future husband while dating? No judgement, just curiosity. :)

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Godsgirlz1 said...

Very good post! I am trying to get into the habit of praying for my future husband. :D