Monday, March 5, 2012

Ignorance is a beautiful thing!

I'm sure you had a question or two come across your mind when you read the title, but it's the truth! There are a very few things that you can say ignorance is a good thing to. One of them though is Sexuality. Still a little confused? I figure most of you are... :) In our world today media, Internet, magazines, songs, TV, movies, everything basically tells you that you need to "Know" what you are doing. You should be so good at it that you are "smooth". I have some earth shattering news for those people though. When I find the perfect guy for me I will not care whether he has all the right "moves" or knows just what to say! Innocence is a beautiful thing! Do you know what perfection shows? That he has practiced.... I can tell you it wont be on me so that means it would have been on some other girl. Yes, I'm sure my honeymoon will have some awkward moments and to be frankly honest I do not care. We will laugh and move on. In my mind we will be creating memories. Do you get this though girls? The world tells us that we have to be the same way... perfect. If you've never done it before you cant be expected to be perfect. Is your mindset to wait on your husband and practice on him or is it that you have to know what you are doing before you meet him? Can I tell you the right guy will not expect perfection... it will mean the world to him that you waited and therefore you are not quite sure what to do, where to put your hands, or what to say. Ignorance is a beautiful thing!!

You have no idea how many people I've had ask me, "Don't you think it will be hard to go from nothing to everything in one night?". My honest answer is, yes at some points it may be, but PRAISE GOD it wont be so smooth bc we've done almost everything we could before that night. Girls, I'm here to tell you I rather not have a clue be totally innocent than to have "been around" enough that I have no question as to what I should do. Can I get an amen?

Here is my thoughts though... why do we applaud guys (maybe not literally, but emotionally) who say the right things and degrade the ones who aren't quite as smooth? For instance, two guys like is more flirtatious and smooth talking. He says all the right things and just knows exactly what to do. The other one is a little more shy. He is genuine though, but just seems a little awkward at times. The first one has a reputation for trying things on girls though. Which one would you go with? The majority would go with the first one, just for the simple fact he makes us "feel" better. Are we encouraging innocence though? No.... Even though you may never say this just the fact that the more experienced guys get more attention therefore it only takes a guy a few times of getting knocked down before he feels as if his only hope is to become "experienced" himself. Now yes, he does have a choice and yes he can choose to not give into peer pressure, but you and I as his sister in Christ should be encouraging him and pushing him on towards the goal of being like Christ. So if you have a boyfriend by NO means degrade him if he doesn't know what to say exactly or isn't quite sure. That is a beautiful thing!

One day when you get married do you want your husband to be perfect with you because he has practiced with other girls? Practice is what makes a person perfect at something. It's worth thinking about it... Also, think about the fact that every guy you touch, talk to in ways you shouldn't, or allow to "practice" on you will someday be someone Else's husband. Would you want someone else to be doing that with your husband?

Pursuing purity,


Lisa said...

Good post. I had never before thought of the smooth talkers as the ones who have had negative practice.

Godsbeloved said...

So true girl! Keep speaking that truth! :)

valerie lynn said...