Monday, May 7, 2012

Healthy Relationship Habbits

Each post seems to be more and more don'ts and less do's so here goes a couple of do's! What are some healthy habits to start now that will lead to a healthy relationships later on. These are just somethings that i have personally experienced in my life! Hope you find them helpful!

1) Breaking up is not an option- I see so many couples who threaten to break up with each other if the other one doesn't do something. This is NOT HEALTHY! What does breakups lead to? Divorce. It is simply practice for divorce. Now of course, if you do not need to be with the guy then by all means break up with him, but do not just use it as regular conversation. Matt and I noticed the other day how even when we disagree on something we have never once threatened to break up with each other. This is a healthy habit. This way once you get married it will not be a common statement.

2) Do not point out other guys. I did not realize how often i did this until Matt pointed it out that he didn't appreciate it much. We as girls so often flippantly make comments about other guys, whether it be good or bad. We may say, "Ohhhh he is cute" Or "Look at him... He is....". This is demeaning to your man! Whether you have one at this point or not it is a good idea to go ahead and begin breaking this habit now. I wish i had! Would you want your special man to be pointing out other girls? I know i wouldn't! So why should we point out other guys?

3)Put God first... We say it all the time, but how often do we actually do it? Spend time with God. Make a point of it. Do you think about guys or God more? I have begun making a conscience effort to talk about God as much as Matt. To talk to God as much as Matt (That's hard with txting!). Go to God with your problems just as easily as you do your boyfriend. It takes a special effort.... it is worth it though!



Lisa said...

Have you read Leslie Ludy's books? Some of your posts remind me a of her books.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Gulp. I'm guilty of number two...even though I say other guys are cute casually or just goofy-ish. I know I probably shouldn't though! Thans for these tips, girl!

Kyla Makay said...

Great list!