Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living Above Reproach

Hi Gals! Long time no chat.. God has been teaching me a lot this last week and i wanted to share some of it with you! One of the main things is how we are called to live above reproach. This is often used, but rarely lived out. How do you do this? What does it look like? I am here to challenge you to find what it looks like in your life! Recently there were things that came up that I could have easily been accused of doing something that i did not do. As it was talked out I was found Innocent. How was i found innocent? Because by God's grace my life was above reproach in this situation. Now please do not think that I'm bragging or saying that I am perfect in any kind of way whatsoever. This has challenged me in other areas of my life to see if I am above reproach there as well. When someone looks at your life do you live in such a way that they can easily believe what you say? Can they easily believe that your intentions were of the best? Can they easily see that you seek to honor God with your life? Sometimes it is obvious one way or the other, but from what I have observed in life often people are on the line. They aren't obviously out to do wrong, but at the same time they are not obviously out to honor God either. I challenge you to examine your life... In what ways are you not living above reproach? What things do you do that if someone found out they would be deeply disappointed. We all have secrets and past, but the point is what you are doing now. So I challenge you! Think...ponder.... pray... Seek the face of Jesus over this... What ways is your life not meeting the standards of our Lord? In what ways are you not living above reproach? If someone accused you of something would your life be able to stand against their accusations? Would you have to defend yourself or could they see for themselves that you are not guilty. This is when your Christian walk means something!

Much care,

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Shelley said...

I absolutely agree with you that we should strive to live a life so that if we were accused of something wrong, no one would believe it because our life would prove against it. Great post Jen! :)