Friday, July 23, 2010

Who controls your time?

So, lately Kat has been doing these amazing post that were short, sweet, and to the point. I on the other hand can be very long winded, so I apologize, but just hang on! :)

I think I mentioned it in an earlier post that I do have a boyfriend. If you didn't know that then....i do! Anywho, God has really been dealing with me about some things that before I had a bf I never really had to deal with. We are going to discuss one of them today.

Its who controls your time? I'm all about spending time with God! I wish I could spend more time with Him but I normally spend at least 15- 30 min a day plus other little times through out the day. You know what I mean. God started laying on my heart that just if I was still txting or thinking what I was going to txt him once I got done with God then i wasn't truly giving God my attention. Its like hanging out with your best friend or boyfriend and they are txting someone the whole time. I mean you are still talking and laughing together, but do you have their full concentration? There is no way. Even if they say you do you know full well you don't. So my question is, is it any different with God? I don't think so.... Its just like Bro Hal (my pastor) always says... You can tell who people truly love by looking at their checkbook. People's time is the same way. So who owns your time? It may not be a boyfriend... I have no idea! For me at times it is. Are you even spending time with God? If not then what is stopping you? If you are but you aren't giving Him your whole attention then what is stopping you?

Its just something that's been on my heart lately...:)

Much love,


Amber Noella said...

Very much something to think about.
Thanks, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Definitely something I'm struggling with! (I think lots of people are the same.) I know that God deserves heaps of my time, but then there's study, friends, internet, that book I can't wait to start reading again...

Thanks for posting this!

God bless.

Marie said...

Very good reminder. I have to work on this soo much! Thanks for posting.

Rachel said...

Great reminder Jen. Life sure seems to get pretty busy, but what's more important than spending time with God? Thanks for the post!

♥mockingbird♥ said...

Thank you so much for that... I needed it. :)