Sunday, September 26, 2010

Follow up on last week’s post!

So if I was to hate something right now it would be my computer… Im not sure why, but it will not let me on the blog so Kat had to post my post on here for me.

Moving on… I can’t tell you how blessed I was to see your responses last week! Working with youth I often feel like there are absolutely NO girls perusing purity. You girls proved me wrong though. So, it is obvious that you girls who commented are going to agree with this post, but there are still girls who did not comment that are still on the fence as far as what is ok and what is not. Therefore, I’m about to dive into God’s word and share some light!

Ephesians 5:3 says, “ But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people.”. This is the whole basis of this post. That verse says, “NOT EVEN A HINT!”. So as far as the questions last week… I wouldn’t say any of those were just absolutely terrible or that you would lose your virginity for them, but they are definitely not profiting you or encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. It’s one of those things that the Bible does not per say, “Do not let a guy touch your butt.” Or “Do not be alone in the dark with your boyfriend.”. It does address these issues in a way though! For instance, the question about will your parents be involved the Bible says to Honor your parents (AKA let them know whats going on and follow their wishes!) . Another example… The Bible says to be wise and not foolish. Can I tell you how foolish it is to think that you can be all alone, in the dark still completely honor God! Yes, it is possible…but it is VERY hard! So why put yourself there? BE WISE! I’ve had girls tell me of how they were alone in the guy’s bedroom and they claimed they were just “Hanging out”. Can I tell you how unwise this is?! If you have done this please know that I’m sorry if I offend you, but the truth hurts sometimes. The other thing is He makes the broad yet profound statement and it was, “Do not let there even be a HINT of sexual immorality!”. Girls say you saw a truck parked in a dark parking lot with only the legs sticking out the back of the truck all tangled together…what would you think? I know what I would think and honestly it wouldn’t be the most Christlike thing… I’ve known people who would do that and they could be doing absolutely nothing, but it all boiled down to they were not being above board. Girls we live in a fallen world who can’t grasp purity…. We have to shine so brightly that they cant help but want what we have! That would ultimately be Jesus, but one way we can show that is through our relationships! Girls being above reproach has to do with the way you act around guys, dress, the things you say, and so many more things… It is not simply not having sex until you are married.

So, in response to the last post…. I honestly do not believe that any of the first set are Christ honoring until marriage. I know its hard if you have a bf…. Trust me… I know, but girls just bc it is hard by NO MEANS means it is impossible! FIGHT! Don’t just give in bc it is hard… FIGHT THE FIGHT!!

I love you girls!

P.S. I feel like everyone in the world knows this (Even a little girl I kept the other day who was only 6yrs old knew this! She said her mom read my blog and she had told her…lol), but as far ask the kissing and saying I love you. I will not kiss a guy until my wedding day and I do not plan on saying I love you until I TRULY mean it and honestly that will most likely when Im close to being engaged! This is just what I feel God has called me to do!

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Whooo-hooo!Great post!Wow that is awesome(P.S. part,I mean)that is exactly what I said.Sierra