Monday, January 24, 2011

Proverbs 31 Woman... :)

Hey chickas! Can I start out by asking you to please pray for me? I know it is a selfish thing to ask, but I'm just going to be honest with you.... life is hard. So, please just pray for me. Ok? I am dilligently working on getting different post ready for the "Tough subjects" series. Anonymous who commented on the last post... I began writing multiple post about waiting and trying to encourage you, but it just never really worked. Then God began laying on my heart how we should study the Proverbs 31 woman. Hopefully this will encourage all of you girls!

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.

How many of you have ever been told that you are precious? Maybe by your parents, a boy friend, just a friend, or even grandparents. If you've never been told by an earthly person that doesn't matter bc God said so! How does it make you feel? Honestly it makes my heart happy! :) Anyway, I see many girls today who do not fit into the "Virtuous" category. Webster describes virtuous as, " morally excellent : righteous". Are these common words that you find girls being described as? Hopefully you hang around friends who that is how they are described, although the reality is that this is not the norm. In normal high schools most girls or at least the popular ones (The ones who seem to have it all.) are more known for sleeping around, being mean, doing drugs and so on and so on. For some odd reason these girls seem to always get the guys..... why is that? Proverbs 31:10 has a difference of opinion though. The Bible claims that a man who finds a virtuous woman is the blessed one! I guess this is an encouragement to wait it out and not just settle, but even more than that.... are you a virtuous woman? The Bible also says that a man who has found a wife has found a good thing.... When a man "finds" you will he have found a good thing? Due to this blog I often talk to guys about what they want in a girl and guys often thank me for encouraging girls to wait bc in all reality the Godly men do not want to marry a woman who has "experience". The world tells us that you have to know what you are doing before you get married or you will just be the clumsiest more ridiculous thing ever. This is far from the truth though....

My purpose in this post though is first off to encourage you to wait! Even when it seems pointless and you feel like you are the only one waiting! My second point is to encourage you girls who are waiting to not just begrudgingly wait and just be miserable! Use your time as a single young lady for God's glory!!! Become the virtuous woman what any man would be blessed to have!! Some examples of ways I used my single years to draw closer to God...

~Use those dateless Friday/ Saturday nights to give a single mom a break
~Instead of txting your "Significant other" txt and encourage your friends
~The time you would spend talking on the phone to "your man" spend time with God
~Write your future husband and tell him how much you love him instead of telling a random guy
~Tell others of the sweet thing your lover (God) has told (Bible) you instead of what your boyfriend said
~Make as may statuses on your facebook about God as others do about their boyfriend
~Use the money you would spend on a gift for your "Babe" for someone else

These are just a few ideas! Praying for you girls! :)


anna :) said...

all of those are really good suggestions. my friends and i definitely try to encourage each other as much as possible. one of my dear friends, tori, sends me a text every morning telling to have a wonderful, spectacular, awesome day. it's a good feeling to know i've got friends that care enough to wish me a good day :)

anna :)

{Far From Perfect} said...

Just prayed for you!! <3

Shelley said...

I'll pray for you! Great post! It reminds me of a really good quote I read on another blog about waiting for the right guy. I think it's called Girls Are Like Apples. :) About your comment on my blog, you can definitely use my poem on your blog. As long as you mention I wrote it, and link back to my blog! :)

Sierra said...

I'll pray for you.Looking forward to them!Great post.I wish I could be all that.You encourage me =)