Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tough subjects b/c we live in a tough world...

So girls, God has hit me in the face lately with how I live in my own little bubble and do not realize what all is going on in the real world....After having a few (well quite a few....) girls be honest with me I realized that there are a few "Tough subjects" that I have been kinda avoiding. Not for any specific reason, but just honestly b/c they aren't the most comfortable thing to talk about. That's about to change though! What are some tough things that you deal with? Here are some of my ideas or just things that I feel need to be discussed.

~Parents Divorcing
~Bullying in schools
~Close family/friends dying
~Face book
~Cheating- Is it OK?
~Unwed Pregnancy
~Sibling Rivalry

Any more ideas? You can comment anonymously or however! I want to know what you want though.... Another way you can help though is if you would like to write about one of these topics please let me know! Obviously, I have not gone through many of these and so therefore I cant give you personal experience. I can tell you what the Bible says and give you my opinion, but that's about it. So, if you have dealt with something and you would like to share please let me know!! My email is jennifer.rochester@charter.net.

Love you girls!


samarah said...

I've been thinking about similar things like I need to write a few posts about my views on Abortion, Dating, Guys, etc. You're right they aren't comfortable subjects but they do exist in this world ;) and I feel like we need to be real with each other and talk about "those" less popular subjects :)
Looking forward to reading your views and thoughts on those topics!

with love,

{Far From Perfect} said...

You know what's crazy?! God really had that on my heart this morning too! Wow! Especially addiction.. cutting.. pain.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in a "waiting" article. I'm feeling right now like there are zero young men who are truely devoted to God!An encouragement article in this area would be greatly appreciated! I guess I'm just feeling like when the time comes, I'll not be able to find a guy who truely loves God, and me.

Anonymous said...


These subjects are difficult to talk about for us "married girls" as well. I pray that the Lord will guide in your quest to discuss these issues with young women.

-Lady Rose

Shelley said...

Interesting. I recently wrote a poem about bullying on my blog. Even though these subjects are tough to discuss, they are real. I'll be back to read your thoughts about them! :)