Monday, August 1, 2011

Writing your future husband!

The other day we talked about praying for your future husband and we got great response concerning it. A few girls mentioned writing their future husbands and I loveeee this idea! I've talked about it before and encourage it often, but for those of you who have never thought about it writing your future husband is a wonderful way to focus on HIM and not other guys. Guys come and go, but there will only be one Mr. Right.

If you have ever written your love before I would love for you to share any ideas you have! Below are a few of mine! :)

~When you are struggling with a guy situation... write your future spouse and ask his advice! It will help you focus on him and honor him in your decisions!

~Valentines day.... write him a love note!

~Make him a valentine craft!

~Fathers day.... write a card to the future father of your children!

~If writing poetry or songs is your thing why wait until you meet him to write something?

~Tell him of your wishes, dreams, hurts, fears, joys, etc!

~Tell him of your love and that you are praying for him!

These are just a few ideas and each girl is different, but the whole purpose is to stay focused on your one and only true love... It is SOOOO easy to get distracted in this world, but God calls us to not to awaken love until it is HIS time!


P.S. Make sure to read the post before this one if you haven't already!!


Sierra said...

This is such an awesome idea! I really like writing to my does ground you :)
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Libbi H. said...

I have a special journal I bought exactly for that purpose! great ideas with the valentines day letter!

Shelley said...

Nice ideas! :) The other day I prayed for my future husband, and will try to continue this regularly. Great post!

♥beccaboo♥ said...

I love this. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for having a shoebox full of letters (to some man I've most likely never met) hidden under my bed, but this encourages me that it will be worth something one day. :) Thanks.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I hadn't thought of doing that, but I might try writing a letter!

Rae said...

I love writing letters.... and your right-why wait??
I really love the valentine idea.. :) very sweet..

Anonymous said...