Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Praying for your future husband!!

          Hey gals! We talked about praying the other day, but now I want to give it a little twist. When was the last time you actually stopped and earnestly prayed for your future spouse? For some girls just moments ago and for others It’s been a while. I just want to challenge you to pray for your future husband. You may ask, “Why?? I haven’t even met him yet and besides that I have no idea what to pray for him about!” The thing is though right now he is somewhere in the world. Have you ever thought about that? He is making decisions right now that will affect him for the rest of his life. So why wait to pray for him? Should you wait to love him? NO! The same goes for praying for him! Here are a few ideas as to how to pray for him….

*That he seeks God in all he does

*That he does well in School/college (You want a smart man!)

*That he makes wise decisions concerning drugs, alcohol, and sex

*That he reads his Bible today (I pray this daily!)

*That he is stepping up and becoming a leader

*That he gets plenty of rest (I figure he needs to be well rested for meeting me someday! ;))

*Finally, that he honors God in everything he does

Will you pray for your future husband today? One day you will be able to tell him that you have been praying for him all this time as you waited on God to bring him to you!! What an awesome thought! J



Meggie said...

Thanks Jen, I never thought of praying that he would read his bible today.... I have to confess I have only ever prayed for him once or twice in passing. Gotta pick up my game.


Offset said...

As a single Christian guy, it would be incredibly encouraging to know that my future wife is praying those things for me even now.

I should do the same for her.

Grace said...

What a brilliant post :)
I love this idea!

Becky R said...

love this idea and post.

Mikailah said...

I have prayed for my future husband.. but like you said, there is the question, "What should I pray for?". Thank you for reminding me!

Rae said...

Wow such a sweet thought... I do this but not as often as I should.. :) love your list!

Tiffany said...

This was very helpful, I haven't ever thought of some of those certain things! Thank you so much <3

Shelley said...

I don't think I've ever prayed for my future husband. But I see why it's important. It reminds me of the Christy Miller series. She wrote letters to her future husband. I like the idea, I'll do it tonight. Great post! :)

Sierra said...

I do pray for him occasionally.I guess I should do it more often.This is a great post and some great ideas about what to pray!
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Will be giving a copy to my son after I update, he to she...etc :-)