Friday, February 17, 2012

How Far is too Far?

I taught this past Wednesday night to a youth group on sex and how far is too far. I came up with three basic questions to help in deciding how far is too far. Personally I believe that everyone’s standards and limits are different. There is no perfect line that if you cross you have sinned, but if you don’t cross it you are perfectly fine. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was though? Sadly there isn’t so here are just a few questions to ask yourself and if you are honest I believe that you will come up with how far is too far for you!

~ Would you want your future husband to be touched the way you are touching your boyfriend?

~Does it even remotely disturb you that God can see what you are doing alone with your boyfriend?

~When you have to have that hard talk with your future husband about how far you have gone and with how many guys will you regret the decisions you are making now?
Comment and let me know what you think! This is a tough issue and it is something we really want to hit head on. Let me know your thoughts! :)



Katie Wegner said...

I personally believe ( and this is what I believe God wants for everyone.) that you should do nothing more then hold hands with you boyfriend/fiance, or a small hugs. Because then it never will have you go any farther. And the best way to not let it go to far, is to not let all of that other stuff to be an option. Like kissing. Would you really like to know how many girls your bf/f/h, has kissed? I don't think so. If you never kiss a guy and you save it for your wedding day. That is a very special thing. Then he knows that he is the FIRST one. And the same goes for you , you know that you are the FIRST one :D . Now I don't know if you are saying that it is Ok for some people to have sex before marriage, but I can honestly say, that I believe that it is wrong. God says that it is wrong in the bible. He says that if you do you have sex and you are unmarried, you are supposed to get married because of that. Otherwise it is like committing adultery.
I don't know where that verse is in the bible, sorry.

In Christ,

Marie Danielle said...

Grey issues like this one are HARD. I had some difficult moments deciding what to do when I was dating my husband. But like you said, asking yourself those kind of questions, can really help in making the right decision!! I think every couple will have different weak and strong areas, and I think they should have the freedom to decide whether they will hold hands, kiss, go out alone, etc. :-) Great post!!

Love Unawakened said...

Hey girls! Thank you both for your comments!

katie- I also am saving my first kiss for marriage! It is great to know that I'm not alone! :) I do not believe that it is for everyone, but by ALL means I believe that sex outside of marriage is sin. Hopefully you will read some of my other post and you will be able to see better where I stand on these issues! :) Awesome job standing up for what you believe in!

Marie- Thanks for the encouragement! It is always a joy to hear from married women who have fought the same battles that we are fighting now! :)