Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You are worth more... If you are sexually active

Hopefully this title caught you off guard and made you question my sanity. Today in class a friend of mine was giving a presentation on a book about self image. It was very interesting, but one thing she said caught my attention. The world sees it as if you are sexually active you are worth more... Meaning if you are not sexually active then it must be no guy finds you attractive. This is a LIE! It is so true that our culture believes this though... It breaks my heart. This is right opposite of the truth, yet so many girls believe this lie! I am here to tell you that if you are not sexually active that does NOT mean that you are any less valuable. Honestly, in most God loving guys eyes they see you as a precious jewel because you have not given yourself away. I want to say though that if you have had sex you are without a doubt still worth more than you can imagine! God heals and restores. For the purpose of this post though i want to get the point across that if you have not been sexually active or have been and has gotten back right with God you are worth more than you can imagine! It is not in the least a bad thing that you aren't sexually active. To tell you the truth I'm sure there are many guys that would date you if you would have sex with them, but the reason they aren't dating you is because they do not want to give up sex. Multiple guys would be honest with me that because i wouldn't kiss them they didn't want to date me. It was a sad reality, but I am glad to know that they knew i was serious. I meant what i said and was not going to let some random boy kiss me. Stick to your guns and do not believe the world! YOU ARE WORTH LIFE! Jesus died for you specifically because He found value in you! Hold on tight to that truth. Today you may be man less, but one day you will have a man who appreciates more than you can comprehend that you waited and didn't have careless sex to find your identity. It is worth the wait!

With care,


Chantal Meade said...

Great post Jennifer!
I'd like to do some type of posting with you because I share the same passion,


Laura Renstrom said...

Jen! Oh my word! I needed this tons! I love you! This sums up all of our conversations and I am grateful! love you