Sunday, November 18, 2012

Musings from an engaged woman...

So I had planned on rather retiring this blog, but the longer it went the more I missed it and I realized I had stuff I wanted to say. That leads us to here... Posting again! :) I am now in another whole season of life that I never thought would come. Really... I was telling Matt today that I never thought I would be 20 and engaged. Here I am though! I am SO glad I did some things the way I did and I've also learned some things. So, since I am crazy busy (who isn't?!) I won't post as much as I use to, but I would like to continue posting. Most will be about purity while others may be about wifely things! I love saving money, cleaning and cooking! I might add some of those things as well! :) lease comment so that I know someone is reading and I'm not just wasting my time! :) For now... Happy Thanksgiving!!



Natasha Atkerson said...

I'm reading! :)
I'd love to hear how you and your fiance' met-? I've always enjoyed hearing how God brings people together in totally different ways!
When is the wedding?
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Kelsey said...

I'm am reading! So happy your back :D You have a such a wonderful blog and you two are such a cute couple!!

>3 Kelsey

Rachael @ heldbyHishand said...

I'm reading! And I'm a new friend who found your blog last month as was sad you weren't posting anymore. :( I'm so encouraged by reading your past posts, and look forward to more!
Congrats on your engagement! All the best with being busy (I know that feeling!) and wedding planning!
xo Rachael

Helene said...

so sweet! what great pictures!

Chantal Meade said...

This is so great. Definitely post about purity and just your experiences courting and things like that.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I'm liking yours already :-)
Keep posting :-) and congratulations!!!! (modest fashion for Christ)

Chantal Meade said...
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