Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loving just one person

Confession: I love 7th Heaven! I was given a season for my birthday and one of the shows inspired this post! :)

This world is a sad, hurting, sick, perverted place.... I have this thing about watching the news and I'm not sure why because it is always sad, but I find it highly interesting. It is true though that there are plenty of bad people and bad things that happen in this world. Another truth is though that there is a loving and just God. That gives me peace to know that a God who calls me His daughter Loves me and in the end will have the final word. Not everyone knows that peace though...

Back to 7th heaven though... In the show Eric (the dad and pastor) challenged his congregation one Sunday. His challenge was to do one good thing for someone. It could be continuous or a one time thing. We sit around and complain dat after day about how bad our world is, but what are we doing about it? What are we doing to make a difference? We post statuses of Fb and tweet about how Obama has screwed up our country, yet he has not taken away our right to love others. We still have the right to make a difference. We can still encourage someone. No matter how many bad things happen nothing can take that away. we are to be salt and light! What are we going to do with this right and privelege? Are we just goin to sit by and complain about what has been taken away yet do nothing with what we have?

Today is the time you can love someone today! People come a go.... hurting... what do you do? What do I do? I could put verses on here about loving others, but I trust that you know them. We know what we are suppose to do, yet we just dont do it. We do not take the opportunity to...

YOU TODAY can touch someones life and make it better... Is that not an amazing thought? So what will you do? What will you do to make one person's life better? The options are endless! Stop and think about it... stop and pray about it... stop and do it... SHOW SOMEONE LOVE

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