Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quit looking!

Hey darlin!

What do you do when someone tells you to not look? You automatically look don't you? Well, hopefully after reading this post you will not do that exact thing. I see girl after girl "looking" for a man. They claim to not be desperate, yet it is obvious to everyone else. They are willing to settle. They are constantly talking about it and constantly thinking about it. Constantly considering what could get a guys attention or if they dressed a little less modestly and sway their hips as they walk by would that make him notice her? The sad part is these aren't just the "sluts" as we call them. These are the girls that are in our Churches every Sunday.... Girls, please understand I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but it is about time someone stepped up and pointed out how this is not the way God made it! Before I even begin though... I'm not referring to the mans vs woman's rights. We are just simply discussing how if we as girls were as crazy about God as we are boys it would turn this world upside down! We've all been in this place from time to time. We get caught up with "match makers" or being one. Can I just say right now.... GOD IS THE ULTIMATE MATCH MAKER! We as women want to be loved, appreciated, and given attention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The problem comes in when we want it so bad that we will do anything to get it. So, what should you do if you are like the girl I described earlier? I wish it was as easy as just saying stop, but it's not. It takes a change of heart, meaning you become content in Christ and not desperate for a humans love. Also, it means that you believe that God has a better plan than you or I could ever imagine (Jeremiah 29:11)!

I can tell you now... It is when you quit looking that you are able to see God's will and it is as if He simply drops the person into your lap! Honey, If you feel as if you have to have a guy begin falling in love with God and that will totally change! Not that you will not want a guy, but you will not be dependant on one. You will be dependant on God!! I remember after I had made a few mistakes and God had given me quite an awakening i began the journey to being content... it wasn't easy and wasn't at that time what I wanted to be doing, but i wouldn't change it for a thing in this world! A quote from the book Lady in Waiting describes my heart during this time... "Rather than staying home another 'dateless' Saturday night, realize how much valuable time has been entrusted to you at this point in your life. Rather than resent your many single hours, embrace them as a gift from God- A package containing opportunities to serve Him that are limited to only your self pity and lack of obedience." This is the prime time of your life! This is the time you can make friendships that you might not be able to later. More than that... This is a prime time for you to draw closer to God!! Of course you will continue growing closer to God once you get married, but while you are single you have more time to be alone and you do not have someone who takes up your time. So take this time captive and enjoy your single years!! Over the last couple of years I've fallen in love with God more than i ever thought possible and I have so much farther to go, but this is my point.... It is possible to be content with God! Are you ok with out a boyfriend? If you have one, would you be ok without him? It's worth thinking about... Do you spend more time thinking/ talking about God or some guy?

Sold out for Him,


Lauren Nicole said...

Great post!
In Christ,

Rae B said...

Beautiful post! Really inspiring and thought provoking!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

+Flamingo Pink+ said...

+Flamingo Pink+

Sierra said...

My way of seeing it is that I don't have to DO anything!
If he is the guy God has picked out for me to marry, it is already done!I don't HAVE to DO anything!He will think I am pretty in my own way.I recently heard a song by a country singer, Joe Nichols, Gimme That Girl there might be few bad references but the message of the song is how he wants the T-shirt jeans girl that dances around singing to herself.Without make,messed up hair her just being herself.
I really like that message.
Great post!

Hannah M said...

Wonderfully put, dear! It's sort of relaxing to know that we don't even have to worry about things like that, isn't it?;)

Annabeth said...

Thank you for this! I just finished reading "Lady in Waiting" and I was very convicted of how easy it was to settle for less than God's best just to satisfy me. I love the quote about how "A woman should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek God to find her." I pray that my future husband would seek God and ask Him to open his eyes that I am the woman for Him and I want to pray the same thing for him!