Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Satan's Lies....

Hey gals! So, I have to say I loved reading your honest responses on the last post. One thing that I've really been dealing with lately is listening to Satan's lies. You know some lies are easy to distinguish as lies, but others not so much. What do i mean? It's the daily lies such as, "You aren't good enough", "That person thinks I'm an idiot.", "I cant do this.", or "You are the only person who ever deals with this." Have you ever thought any of these things? One of the coolest things about the last post was the question of what do you struggle with. Many girls answered the same thing! I believe it would astound many girls if they knew just how many other girls dealt with the same things they did day after day...moment by moment. I'm by no means saying every girl should just air out all her dirty laundry and let everyone know her dark little secrets. I am encouraging you to find someone who you can trust, someone who is living for the same God as you, someone who has the same morals as you!

This is also what I'm saying... You DO NOT have to believe Satan's lies! If you are feeling worthless, unloved, alone, or like you are the only one who struggles with temptation I want you to see that these are lies! There are NOT true!! As a precious teen girl said in youth last week, "God doesn't make no junk!"!

The other side of this is you often do not know what another girl is thinking about herself. It is safe to assume though that she is not thinking, "I'm beautiful!" (Unless she has a naturally big or thinking "Everyone wants to be my friend!". What does that mean to us? Encourage someone! You may never know how much they needed it.

For those of you reading this right now... You are not alone! I am praying for you and i care. I may not know what is going on in your life, but I do know that as long as you have God on your side you will make it through it!

With care,


Libbi H. said...

I Love your blog! I almost couldn't stop reading, but I really need to get to bed :)

anna :) said...

thanks for this! i really needed it. and since i took a "break" (3 days) from Blogger, I didn't read the previous one. but i will now!

anna :)

Meggie said...

Wow, thanks Jen, really spoke to me.