Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Testimony Tuesday!

This is a note I wrote on facebook a week or so and i thought it would be perfect for Testimony Tuesday (Even though it is technically wed it still counts as Tuesday!!)!

So, I went back and forth about writing this, but God just wouldn't let up so I guess someone needs to hear it! What is a testimony? In Jennifer's simple opinion it is a churchy word meaning a persons story. Whether it be full of heart ache, joy, good deeds, mistakes, or whatever it may be. It is still their story and no one else's. Why am I talking about this? I was reminded Sunday night just how powerful a testimony is. The Bible in Revelation 12:11 says, "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony." The blood is Jesus' blood and it is our testimony that the verse is referring to! We can overcome satan by Christ blood and our testimonies!! I believe we often underestimate the power of a person's story. I know i do. We think we have to have some preacher who knows all this scripture and comes across as if they are perfect, but in all reality a person who is willing to be used by God and willing to share their story they are just as useful! This past Sunday we had a night where the youth led the whole service. Of course us as leaders were nervous about everything going right. We decided to ask the teens if any of them would like to share their testimony. Surprisingly we had 4 timid hands raise. Each had a different story. Please do not get the idea that these youth were from perfect homes. As they talked i along with many others began to cry.... as they shared how divorce, losing parents, alcoholic father, abusive stepfathers, and many other things had caused them pain that they couldn't even explain. They then got to the part of how Jesus had saved them and now they had a reason to live!! They didn't use big words, speak for hours, or use any verses. They shared their heart.... and bc they were faithful to do so lives were changed! 3 Young ladies came to Christ that night! Again, it was nothing special. Just a few teens willing to get up and claim the name of Christ! Are you willing to do that or are you holding back? God has done something in your life and only you've had that experience! So my challenge today is quit saying, "My testimony is no good" or "My testimony wont reach anyone". You have NO idea how God will use you!!


Meggie said...

Wow, thats really great. Thankyou so much for this. My friend and I have always felt that because we grew up in a christian home and seemed always to be following Christ, that our testimony counts.
This article has made me realize that it counts because I do have a journey of when I started questioning God (if He was really there or not) and there was a time when I can say I was saved. It DOES matter!


Sierra said...

I've always been afraid that mine wasn't exciting enough.
You've given me a different perspective now.Thank you!Sierra