Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick quick update!

I have ten minutes to tell a whole days worth of God moments!! Lets see if i can do it... :)

Yesterday was awesome!! We had around 65 kids in our first club and almost all knew (I'm talking word perfect) their verse! God promises His word will not return void....Amen?? There were no salivations, but the group is young and so many that are main focus is to just share the Gospel and get it out there as much as possible! As we were packing up I saw many moms laying on a picnic blanket reading the Gospel comin books we gave out to their kids.... A precious sight!!! Our second club has been kinda a hard club... its in a rough area and every day so far there have been "Gangs" (They are middle school/high school age, but the sad reality is they are a gang and can do major destruction. Well Tuesday they didn't want to come to club but they wanted the snacks so the pastor told them that they could have snacks, but they would have to come to club tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and you could hear them discussing whether or not they should come... One said I cant believe we have to do this, but the other said, "Dude... you have your word to the Priest!" (I laughed at there lack of knowledge... :) So they ended up coming and cutting the story short they accepted Christ.... They were amazed that God could take away their sins and they wanted that forgiveness SOOOO bad! PRAISE GOD! They finished out the club as totally new boys and asked if they could have a Bible and have someone pick them up for church! I pray they are back today and that they do not face much rebuttal from their peers.. Please pray with me... My final story is of a precious girl who God really layed on my heart. She is 9, but you can tell she takes care of the family. She brings all 4 of her younger siblings and takes perfect care of them. During invitation you could tell she wanted it, but was nervous. I decided i would talk to her later and God opened up the perfect opportunity! As we began to talk she kept saying she wanted to accept Christ, but that she was scared. I couldn't understand why someone would be scared... I would be scared not to! Come to find out her mother is strong in some other religion (I couldn't understand what one... she was talking very low at this point). Basically she was scared of what her mom would say/do if she accepted Christ. This broke my heart... Ive seen kids deny Christ, but it is not often one wants Him, but out of fear denies Him. I beg you to pray for this precious girl. I personally believe if she was to die she would go to Heaven for the simple fact she believes in Jesus, but is just scared. As we prayed after the club I began to cry b/c my heart was broken for this precious little girl....

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!!



Mikailah said...

Aw... I will pray for her! AMEN! That is so awesome! HIS word will not return void!

Meggie said...

That poor girl! *sigh* Lord, please be with her, comfort her and give her the courage to except you!