Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update from Utah! :)

Hey gals! So, I think i mentioned it earlier, but I'm in Utah on a mission trip for all of last week and this next week to come! I'm here with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) and God is doing amazing things! It's kinda late here and im tired, but i just wanted to catch you all up on whats going on and how you can PLEASE pray! We will begin teaching three clubs (All in parks) next Monday. I'm super excited! We went to meet the church that's supporting us and they seem precious! So far we have just been training and getting to know each other. There are people from ALL over the US! Its totally amazing. They all seem like like my southern draw! :) Anywho... some ways to pray!

~Open hearts from the people and kids.... many have been for lack of better words harrassed by Mormons many times and so when they see anyone out like that they seem to run.

~Group unity... we all come from different places and different styles of teaching! Pray that God will bond us together!

~Just a passion to love these kids.... We are prepared for it to get hard, but pray that God's love still just overflows from us!

~ REST! We have been sleeping, but when sleeping on the semi floor no matter how long you lay there It's not the same as a real bed. So please just pray for true rest!

 My team on top of the mountain!
 Once again,. My team!
Beautiful Snow covered Mountains!
 View from the parking lot!
My  home away from home! 

Thanks for the prayers!! JEN


Mikailah said...

I will be praying for you and the team.

Patpat said...

That's really awesome!!!! The CEF team where I worked last summer is going to the Caicos Islands for 2 weeks to do 5 day clubs there. I'll keep you in my prayers!! God is good! :)

Shelley said...

Wow, a missions trip. That's so cool! :) I want to go on a missions trip one day. I'll pray for you!