Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random acts of love!

I debated posting about this because I would never want it to come across as if I was bragging. I just want to share what awesome things God has been doing in my life! I will start out with how Ive really been struggling with what the meaning of life is lately... I'm not sure why, but everything kept making me think about it and life just seemed so empty. I mean money has no purpose... we leave it on earth when we die. We do so much for it and it gets us nothing. Football, school, and so on... in the end do they matter? I just kept pondering it. I would ask Matt and he would say over and over "to please God" and I would say that I knew that, but what did that really mean. Finally he just told me I had to figure it out on my own. So I continued praying about it, but figured it would be one of those things I never really understood. Until the other night I was on pinterest and was just browsing when I came across this pin about random acts of kindness. I was interested BC I've always loved doing sweet things, but the more I looked into it the more excited I got. I thought about it and the next day I decided to do it! On the first day I tried to think what I could do with no money. So I thought... and I came up with some awesome ideas!! First off, I had a large amount of coupons from the coupon books that the schools sold last year that was going bad at the end of the month. A lot were to restaurants that were buy one get one free. So I decided to return them! So I separated them out and went by the places I could. I would just tell them that I wanted them to go to good use and please give them to the next couple of people who came in. It was crazy how shocked people were and how they didn't understand why I would go out of my way to do that. One man just kept asking why I didn't want to use them. I was like because i want to show someone the love of Jesus! Then I came across a coupon for one free cup of coffee (no purchase needed) from krispie kreme. So I ran by and grabbed one and gave it to the next bell ringer I saw! She lit up so much! I think I was happier giving it to her though than she was getting it! I also cleaned out my clothes. I'm pretty organized and clean so I didn't have many clothes to give, but I decided to part with some that I normally would have kept, but didn't really need. The next day was full of fun ones! Then today I was babysitting and so Matt and the girls joined along! it was beyond a blast! Seeing the girls get into it and Matt also. It blessed me with joy more than anything! I had a limit of money which wasn't a ton and decided to see how many people i could bless with just that amount of money! Follow along as i list some of the opportunities I have had!

Coffee to bell ringer  
Coupons given back
Meal at McDonald's
This only cost me $2.50. The lady behind me started honking as I pulled away.
 At first i thought she was mad, but when i looked back she was
waving thanking me with the biggest smile on her face! 
Policeman's meal at back yard burger
This is my favorite one! I wasn't planning on buying another meal until
a policeman pulled behind me in the drive thru. I was thrilled! I
wanted to let him know how much I appreciate him!
$5.00 to regions teller
When I got my cash i was able to tell her what i was planning on doing
with it and when i was about to walk away I decided to start with her!
Candy bar for bell ringer
I asked the older man ringing the bell on the way in what his favorite candy
bar. It was only .48. As i was telling my mom, if i do not have .48
to make someones day better then i am worse off than i should
be. We pass up such easy opportinities!
Candy bar for cashier
Tea for Matt
I decided I couldnt just show love to strangers, but also to my fiance!
He loves milos sweet tea, but doesnt get it often because it's to
expensive for a college student. I surprised him with a gallon
when i came back!
Tea for jen
It's close to finals and I know that my roomie (We are both RA's
now so we no longer share a room, but we are still very close!) loves hot tea from the mall.
So i picked up her favorite kind!
Bacon for Sarah
I have a friend at college who loves... and that is an understatement for bacon.
lol I bought a thing of bacon and left it in her refrigerator with an encouraging note!
I cant wait until she gets back
Folding clothes for girls
This is another free one and easy! At school we have a community laundry room.
Often if you need the dryer you just sit the ones that were in the dryer on top.
So the other night i made a point to fold all of the clothes. It is no biggie at all,
but around this time of the semester we all need a little help!
Clean ladies house
I babysit on a rgular basis. This time the lady had had a rough day and her house
was not as clean as normal. So after the kids went to bed i just picked
up and cleaned the kitchen! 
Goodies for girls
Again... It's almost finals and everyone can use a little energy
boost! Left som treats by the door for each girl!  
Heart cough drops
One of the girls in the dorms wasnt feeling so great so I taped 
cough drops in a heart shape! 
Give goodie's to police and firemen
We made all kinds of cookies and delivered them to a few different fire
and police stations! The girls had a blast today giving them out!
Apple cider and crackers to bell ringers
It wasnt so cold today, but they still seemed to enjoy it though!
Popcorn taped to redboxes
This was a fun idea for the next person who rented the next
movie they would have free popcorn!
Cupcakes to scouts fundraising with Christmas trees
We made cupcakes and gave it out to all the hungry boys trying to raise money!
Coffee for girls during late nights
During the week of finals the girls will all be up late so i have it set
up where there will be coffee and snacks set up all night!
Thank you cards Made by kids
The girls made cards for the police and firemen! So adorable!
Candy cane competition
We each competed to see through out the day who could give
the most candy canes away during the day to random people!  
Return grocery carts
Simple, but often not done! Offer to take people's buggies back for
them. This especially helps moms with children!
I have a few other ideas that I may share later! For now though I want to make this point... Kindness does not always have to be hard or cost! You can do it by just simply smiling as you walk by people. A lot of times we have things that could help others, but we are just to lazy to do it. If I can remember I would like to buy a candy bar for each cashier as i check out. It is mere change. I cannot express how happy this has made me! I am so blessed. So how can you show love today? Think out of the box! What can you do? Something as simple as a kind gesture can brighten someones whole day. The world is full of darkness... I choose to be someones light! :) What is something you can or have done today to encourage someone? Comment with ideas and what you have done!



Sarah Elizabeth said...

This is awesome-ness, Jen! Love it!

Chantal Meade said...

This is great, I love love love it. You're like me :-)


{Spaghetti*Brain} said...

I like it when I see people not only go out of their way to be kind, but are also willing to be seen as different. Being different isn't always easy, especially in the beginning. I've always kinda been an "oddball," but now, I use that as my excuse to get away with crazy (just DIFFERENT) ideas that most people would be afraid to try.

One thing I find odd, and rather frustrating, is when strangers react with more gratitude and excitement than my own friends and family do at times. I've done those little unexpected guestures for friends just because I wanted to, and never got a response. I mean, I don't know if they even got what I sent them. Even if they hated it, telling me that they don't want me to do it again wouldn't hurt as much as silence does. But hey, what can ya do?

Finishing the race is more important than how you finish it as long as you try to keep the right attitude. But the devil will try as much as is possible to ruin your day when you have any inkling of joy. As my mom told me, "It's as if he's tied our shoe laces together before we've even stepped across the start line."

And as for the purpose of life: it is one of those things that no one can define exactly for you. I've been struggling with the same question for a while now. But in the end, all that matters is the people, the individual, unique souls that walk about this world. And even if you've done everything in your power to show the love of Christ, and they still say, "Nay" and don't accept Him, then enjoy the time you have left with them. Cherish the memories, let them know that they're existence means something to you :) , and mourn the loss of life in private. It's not always FUN, but if the person is worth it, then the pain is worth it, right? ;)