Wednesday, February 20, 2013

True Listening

I read a book the other day and in one small part of it they discussed listening. Something I figured I was pretty good at seeing that I am going into counseling. As I read more about it I became convicted...

Listening intells giving your whole attention (Eyes, ears, mind, heart) to one person, yet not saying a thing.

How often does that happen? I have girls who come into my dorm room and pour their heart out. How quick am I to give them adivce? Oh so quick... Yes, it may be what they need to hear and it may point them back to God, but have I really done my job as a friend? I really believe I havent. People just need someone to listen and care. I may care when i give them advice, but does it show that I care or does it just show that I know what they need to do? My old roomate is the best at listening. I can ramble and ramble and she just sits quietly, completely focused on me, nods so that I know she is keeping up, but yet hardely ever gives advice. Btw, she is also my maid of Honor.. Wonder why?! :)

What does true listening look like? I believe that it starts with putting the phone down... looking the person in the eyes... and shutting your mouth. I dont have to add in things or ask questions. There will be a time for that. Now they need to be able to tell what they want to tell, how they want to tell it and when they want to. More than anything true listening says, "I care about you and value you." When was the last time someone really listened to you like this? Sadly, probably not tht recently. Yes, people listen, but not passionately.

I challenge you as well as myself to care... to truly listen to our sisters in Christ... They matter.


Shelley said...

Great post Jen! I think that I'm a pretty good listener. Though like you pointed out I haven't passionately listened in a while. :) I will take you up on your challenge!

~Life As We Know It~ said...

Jennifer, I only saw anonymous's last comment and I know we are not friends and have butted heads(I believe you know when...I am sorry for how I acted towards you and the other leaders)in the past but we are sister's in Christ and as your sister in Christ I am sorry you are being bullied, don't let one unhappy person get you down.

In his peace