Friday, February 1, 2013

Wedding planning bliss!!

The planning has begun!! I have asked some of my Brides Maids!! I asked Matt's sister first, but was not able to get pictures... :/ The rest have been documented! Such fun!!
 I special ordered Gigi's cupcakes with a ring on top! It was my turn to pop the question! :)
I also created on snapfish a personal card for each one... Pictures of us together over the years and then on the inside it asked different things and the last part was Will you be my Brides Maid? Such excitement!
 Sarah said YES!
JMO Said yes to being my Maid of Honor!

Delight said YES also!!
A few more to go!


Chantal Meade said...

Aww, this I so great!!!! I plan to propose to my bridesmaids too, LOL!!!

Chantal Meade said...

Please, fill us in on more :-)

Kat said...

This is so cute Jen! Love this idea!