Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All The Single Ladies...

Well, as you might have guessed from the title, this one is for all the single girls. But whether you have a boyfriend or not, I encourage you to read this post. Okay, so I have a friend who constantly needs a boyfriend in her life, or a guy she likes so she can flirt with him. This friend is as my Dad would say, boy crazy. But the one thing I've noticed about girls who are boy crazy, they often aren't crazy about God. Now I'm not dissing anyone, but God is supposed to be number one and not guys. That's one of Mine and Jennifer's goals here is to show you that focusing on God and not boys will be a blessing in the long run. One of my own decisions about dating is that I will not get into a relationship where a guy is ranked over God in my life. So tonight I want to show you the blessings of being single.

Blessing #1: Physical purity is kept at bay. If you don't have a boyfriend, your limits on physical purity kinda take care of themselves. (NOTE: I believe that Friend With Benefits is not Biblically correct, therefore it is not even a consideration in this post). Now I'm certainly not saying you don't need to set limits, of course you still do. I even encourage you to decide what you're willing to do with friends (are you gonna hang all over a friend and flirt with them, or are you gonna limit yourself to Disney-hugs, etc). But when you're flying solo, worrying that the temptation is gonna be too strong doesn't seem to be a problem.

Blessing #2: More time for God. Think about it, the less time you're spending on a boyfriend, the more free time you have to spend with God. Take me, instead of going on a date on a Friday night I have time to hang out at home, reading my Bible, praying, and even *gasp* doing a little homework. Since I don't have to worry about whether or not my boyfriend is holding my hand at church, I can just let loose and worship God with my entire being. Sidebar: I don't recommend holding hands with your boyfriend in church unless you are sure it's not gonna distract either of you from worshipping and learning from God. Because I don't have a boyfriend, I have time to write a blog about purity with Jennifer. Being single is a blessing to me, because I can grow so much as a follower of Christ without the distraction of a boyfriend.

Blessing #3: More time for my girls. Okay, so while I want to live for Christ with every fiber of my being, I still like to have fun, you know, just kick back and relax sometimes. I have a reputation for being crazy, hyper, and random. Without a boyfriend, that leaves more time for movie nights (watching the essentials, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, Pride and Prejudice) or going to starbucks just to hang out. I am a huge fan of sleepovers where there is very little sleeping and a lot of giggling, popcorn, melting of marshmallow peeps, and early morning heart-to-hearts. Without a boyfriend, I can spend more time just chillaxin with my girls.

Okay, so I admit, sometimes it's not fun to be single. Like going to a school dance dateless, or when your friends are gushing about how sweet their boyfriends are. But honestly, I wouldn't give it up. I, Kathryn Reed, like being single. I'm happy, because I know that God is my first love. Eventually, according to his perfect time, he'll bring me the right guy. But for now, I'll just keep praising him, and giggling with my girls. :)

Love ya girls!


Rae!! said...

There is a church rule at our church that says no PDA and i totally think that should be a rule for all churches...!


Anonymous said...

The title really caught my attetion..... can u post some tips on how to stay pry an easy way such as how to say no to a guy...... Thanks!

MusicLovinKat said...

Raven, our church doesn't necessarilly hold that standard as a RULE, but the concept is definitely encouraged. I honestly don't see people focusing on God if they are too busy hanging all over their boyfriends...

Anonymous, I'm not sure I understand your requests, could you please clarify? I'd like to help! :)