Friday, November 27, 2009

Dating perms!

The Dating P.E.R.M.S
Hey girls! So, does anyone know what a, "Perms" are? Nope, Im not talking about the thing that your grandmother gets done to here hair every other week... We are going to talk about the 5 areas of purity! Those being, physical, emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual! Are you ready for a purity perm?!

*Establish detailed physical boundaries before you date. Discuss these standards with your boyfriend.
*Do not watch a movie in the dark, alone with your boyfriend.... ever!
*Never allow a date to go late into the night unless you are with a large group of people and you are in a public place.
*Do not sit on a guys lap. (Just think what you are sitting on!)
*Examine your wardrobe. Ask yourself if your clothes encourage guys to be Holy.

*Do not bare your soul to a guy. (Girls often give themselves away physically only after they have given themselves away emotionally.)
* Do not IM guys late at night. (The conversation often tends to turn intimate which causes emotional attachment.)
*Do not pray with a guy until you are at least engaged. (Prayer is the pathway to your heart and by letting a guy in you are setting yourself up for heart break.)
*Only date guys who are on fire for God. Period.
*Date guys who have a life outside of you.
*Hang out with friends who have your same desire for purity. (Hence, why we created this blog!)
*Let your family get to know the guy that you are dating.

*Fill your mind with scripture! By memorizing God's word it is always there. Write verses on index cards and put them on your bathroom mirror, car, dresser, anywhere!
*Avoid the questionable M's (Movies, magazines, music). It will send the wrong message into your mind.

* Get involved with a Bible study at church!
* Find friends who will keep you accountable!
* Find a spiritual mentor (Someone who is older and wiser who can help you as you go through life)!
*Pray for your future husband daily!

Congratulations! You have just received and spiritual Perm! :) If you take these tips to heart you will watch in amazement as you begin being more like Christ in your physical life! Please do not think of this as a list of Do's and Dont's... I was asked for some hints on how to stay pure! So, please read over these and when you are faced with a decision I pray that some of these thoughts will come back to you! :)

With care,


Rae!! said...

Hey Jen, Thanks so much for posting that:) you rock i love ya sis

Love Unawakened said...

Welcome girl! Love you too! :)