Friday, December 10, 2010

The beauty of firsts...

Hey chicks! I want to talk to you today about different, “Firsts” today! Not just sex for the first time, but firsts concerning purity in general. Let me explain… Nick and I have been dating 6 months as of yesterday. He is the first relationship I’ve been in that has lasted that long. So, it was very special! Now if I had dated many boys off and on and had a couple that lasted 6 months would it have been as special? Of course not. I believe that there are some first that are ok before marriage then of course there are some that are not ok until after marriage. For example, I believe holding hands, dating, that sort of thing is ok before marriage. I also believe that there are some first that you should save until you are married. These are things such as any form of sex, kissing (Just my personal stand), much touching, etc. Here is the point… I want to save as many first for my husband as I can!! I challenge you to do the same. Just imagine if you could give your husband your first kiss, if you could give him the privilege of being the first male to see you without clothes, allow him to be the first person to ever touch you in a sexual way, and of course allow him to be the first person you have ever had sex with. How amazing would that be for him to know that he is the only one to have had that privilege?? Girls, now is the time whether you will get to tell him that or not. It isn’t the same to just be on your wedding night and be like, “Oh wow! No one ever did that before!” he should not be getting your leftovers. He should be getting the whole meal. Do you get this?! Now is the time you save your first!

Two side notes though… If you have been taken advantage of then that is NOT your first! If you have been raped then you are still a virgin! I do not care what anyone told you. You are and hopefully you will choose a husband who believes the same! When I say your first I mean the first time you gave anything away willingly! Make sense? Secondly, I do not mean this post to be condemning if you have given away some first times that you wish you had not. With god there is forgiveness. Yes, you will still have it in your past, but that is where it belongs… in your past.

I love you girls!

Waiting along beside you….



Libbi H. said...

I Like this a lot :)

Anneliese said...

And not just first, but only (Lord willing)! I'm saving as much of myself for my future husband as possible, because he's the only one who deserves to experience that sort of thing lol :)

God bless you, and thanks heaps for posting this!

Sierra said...

You always write such great posts!Sierra

Shani said...

You mentioned dating. I am a firm believer in courtship. Not just because but from life's experiences. . . What are your views on courtship?

Love Unawakened said...

Thanks guys! :)

Hi shani! My opinion of dating/courtship is that everyones idea of it is different... For instance I do say that I am in a relationship, yet the majority of the time we hang out it is either at my house or his just sitting in the living room talking with our parents and watching tv. We do go on "Dates", although im 18 and he just turned 20. I strongly caution anyone younger than 17 to be dating. I'm without a doubt pro courtship, but on the same hand I do not think dating is wrong. Make sense? By the world standards dating includes being alone alot, going to dark places, not really involving your parents much if at all, etc. I am COMPLETELY agianst that (read some of my other post and you will see how strongly I'm against that! :))! Anyway, hope this helps you understand! My final answer I guess is... As long as God is glorified in your "relationship" (whether dating or courting) in my eyes it doesnt really matter what you call it. Hope that helps! :)


samarah said...

great post! thanks for dropping by my blog and for the comment :)

Love in Christ,

Truly I've known the Favor of the Lord said...

Jen - found this blog by a mutual friend in Mexico. I love this blog! Your heart and love for God come thru really well. And I love that you are empowering other young ladies to fall in love with God first. That's what I did and I've had the most amazing life of Love imaginable! You go, Girl! ;-)

Lady Rose said...


Yes, it's wise to save your "intimate firsts" for your husband. It's also wise not to just "date any ole' guy." This could only lead to your downfall.

Although I am already married, I enjoyed reading this post. It was very heart-felt.


-Lady Rose

Sarah said...

When my human thoughts or desires try to take hold of me I always have to go back to my heart's cry of wanting my husband to be the one that I share those 'firsts' with.

Congrats on 6 months with Nick, Jen! How exciting! I really do love your reminds me to be determined to renew my mind and heart on all aspects of purity definitely challenges me and my set boundary lines...which is a GREAT THING...SO THANKS!!! =)

Blessings to you Jen,

PS- I have answered your question about how my boyfriend and I met on my blog (it's an old post).

Here is the link:

Katherine said...

Thanks for this great encouraging post!! Absolutely lovely and comforting and uplifting.

♥beccaboo♥ said...

wonderfully worded... I am now printing this off and saving a copy of it to remind myself that there is a reason to wait beyond the obvious reasons. :) thank you.