Monday, December 20, 2010

the blessing of where you are now

Hello Precious Girls!!! It's been a while since I've posted, and I've missed writing to you greatly. But sometimes life is just so crazy you can't get to the computer. But I've been learning several things while I've been away from the blog, and I want to share one of these things with you today. Lately I've been learning to view your circumstances as a blessing. One of my favorite Christmas movies is White Christmas, and if you have ever watched it you know the song about counting your blessings. That's kinda what I want to encourage you to do today.

For me, I count the blessings of being who I am now. I count it a blessing to be single. To me it's a blessing because I am free to focus on growing in Christ and just loving and serving him. I don't have to fear I'm spending more time with my boyfriend than with God. I don't have to worry about pushing purity limits because I'm not in the situation to begin with. I count it a blessing because sometimes I have the hardest time picking out gifts and (feel free to laugh) since I don't have a boyfriend that's one less "perfect gift" to find. haha. It's silly, but in my life these really are blessings.

But you may not be in the same situation I'm in, you may have a boyfriend. And I do not mean to make anybody who does feel bad because of what I said in my previous paragraph. On the contrary I think that God can bless you just as much in a God-honoring relationship as he can when you are single. Never having been in one myself, I don't know for sure what those blessings are. But I can imagine one of them would be that your boyfriend actually makes you feel closer to God. Possibly another would be that you can be an example of purity in a relationship to other girls (yes, it is a blessing to be that). I'm sure that Jen could tell you many more, these are just two that come to mind right now.

I've heard that January is proven to be the most depressing month of the year. Perhaps because the Christmas season didn't fulfill you like you thought it would. I want to encourage you today to not let it be that way. I urge you girls, when you feel down and depressed, just look at God and that he has blessed you with, and thank him for it. You will feel better! Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Kat


Amber Noella said...

Thanks for this! Being single really is great when you find that it is a blessing. Merry Christmas!

anna :) said...

amen & right on kat! amazing post! :)

blessings always & forever,
anna :)

Anonymous said...


You have provided your readers with wonderful encouragement!

All of us need to learn to be aware of our blessings, regardless of what season in life we find ourselves in. :)

-Lady Rose

P.S. I've really been enjoying your blog. I have decided to follow you. I hope that you don't mind. :)

Sierra said...

Great post!Sierra