Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well... Christmas has once again come and gone! What did you do this Christmas? Were you able to spend time with family? I would love to hear about your Christmas! Just to give you a glimpse into my Christmas I'm going to add some pics! Merry Christmas!! :)

My family at my grandmothers house!

Mom was amazed at how big nick's hands are!

Mom and her mom!

Jon (My bro) and I with wawa and papa (dads parents)!

Mom and dad with wawa and papa!
Yes, we did this for a

Wawa and papa!

This one is just funny!! She was showing how when you get older it is hard to open your eyes bc of all the "extra" skin! You would have to know my grandmother, but this picture is precious! :)

Another random one, but i love the way he looks at her!
I hope my husband looks at me like that after 60 something years of marriage!

I got a tinsy bit

One of my favorite gifts.... Houndstooth rainboots!
Side note.... unless you live in the south you will not understand how BIG of a deal houndstooth is...
I am a BIG Alabama fan and therefore most of my Christmas consisted of houndstooth items! :)

I'm not sure there are words to describe
My brother enjoys being a redneck and I rather not be!

A shirt I gave Jon.... AMEN!!

When I opened my phone, which was a suprise!!

Nick and I! :)

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