Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Testimony Tuesday!

blessed are the single-hearted, for they shall enjoy much peace. If you refuse to be hurried and pressed, if you stay your soul on God, nothing can keep you from the clearness of spirit which is life and peace. In that stillness you will know what His will is." Amy Carmichael

i LOVE reading anything by amy carmichael. she was such a woman of Christ and one of my biggest inspirations besides Jesus of course. i was babysitting tonight...rather "kid"sitting three girls. 10, 9, and 8... and while we were eating they started talking about their boyfriends...it was precious. they were like "where's your boyfriend??" and i said "i dont have one" and they were all like "ive had three" "ive had four" and "ive had five but one didnt count." and while i KNOW that they are just children and they don't really see it as a big deal its kinda warped that even at 8 they're already worried about boys.

trust...when i was 8, winning the Bible drill or finishing the math quiz first was high on my priorities. NOT chasing boyssss. not me, not ever. i never really fell in the category. the "girls who could never be single." if fact, i was quite the opposite. and not that that was bad or anything, it taught me a LOT. a lot about me, even more about my friends, tons about boys and the MOST about Jesus:)) gah, i really want to look every girl in the WORLDDDD in the eye who thinks a man is what it takes to be complete and tell them that there is a love that is so much better.

not that love is bad. im not bashing it at all:) i know i have a prince of Christ somewhere that at the EXACT moment will come into my life. but, in the meantime, wouldn't it be wise to try to get to know that ONE that created ME so i can be the best me i can be for my mannnn??!!! just a thought. no one has to agree. and trust. lately....its like a big deal:) im more than okay with that.

Jesus is all i need. He has to be. it has to ALWAYS be about Jesus. we as girls (or guys) can't rely on each other for confirmation on who to date. if so, we'd all be married by 12. nahhh, it is JESUS who knows. its Christ who has already appointed the very one we're suppose to be with. ive never understood how girls (or guys) feel the need to date. we have to be full on God before we can bless anyone else. so if youre dating to get filled, forget it. cause behind all the butterflies is emptiness. if God is behind the butterflies, you've got your happily ever after.

people will not understand. people didn't understand Christ so you can be sure that people will try to talk you out of any sort of committment, etc you make:) i made a personal committment that i havent really told a lot of people about but its helped me so maybe itll help you. i saw first hand in highschool almost every girl go through relationship one after another. and it hurt me to watch. i took it to Christ. he told me "i didnt create you to long for anyone but me" and i was like AMEN!!!! im just gonna pour it out to You Jesus. grades and being on every committee was my thing in highschool so it was easy not to get distracted. and, the more i fell in love with God, the more even my closest friends drew away until it was literally me and Him for a while. and every girl who messages me and feels lonely...just remember....its a season. just like singleness....if the deisre to have a husband and family is in your heart...its from Jesus and he will honor it:) but in the meantime, i want everyone to experience the EXTRAVAGENT:)) love of Christ. its overwhelming. spending time with Jesus is the same way you spend time with someone you're dating, etc... the more you spend with Him, the more you'll crave him and the more ONLY HE will fulfill your heart. then when youre full and overflowing with love, joy, peace, etc....look around you, it'll be the BEST season of YOUR LIFE!!!!:)


anna :) said...

i always love how your posts are so Christ-centered :) i'm working on making mine like that!

anna :)

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, you write the most beautiful inspiring posts! :)

All of us, rather we are marrired or unmarried, need to make Christ our focus. I think that the sooner we learn this, our relationships with others will improve.

-Lady Rose

Tiffany said...

I love Amy Carmichael! Thanks girl for sharing :0)