Friday, March 18, 2011


Girls, I'm about to share with you a piece of information and you might not like, but it is the truth. Guys do not like girls being all over them. Do you disagree? I work with youth and I've began noticing how pushy and smothering girls can be in the name of "flirting". I was talking to one guy the other day who is rather cute and as we were talking a girl came up and just hugged him (A mighty close hug I might add.) and didn't seem to even notice or care that he was in the middle of a conversation. He kinda sighed, but I didn't say anything. In a minute his phone kept going off. When he checked it it was another girl who knew he was at church, but still wanted to talk. That's when he asked, "Do they not know if i like them I will let them know?" I laughed, but had to agree with him. I soon noticed a girl waving at him rather dramatically. By this time I'm really beginning to feel sorry for the guy! I'm sure it is not always this dramatic, but the more I started to watch the more I realized how all over guys some girls can be. Sweet friends, this is not the way God made it to be.... Yes, some girls who are flirts get all the guys, but the thing is the guys she attracts are not the ones you want. Believe it or not some guys actually want a decent girl who hasn't, "been around" The world tells you that you have to throw yourself on a guy and then he will just not be able to resist! God's view of love is different though.... He made the man to be the aggressor. Have you ever heard of playing hard to get?? This may be hard to wrap your mind around, but guys actually like this... simply bc it is mysterious and intriguing. It is not like some girl laying everything out on the table. They want to work for it.... Of course, every guy is different, but by large most guys who are looking to God would rather go after the girl than the girl go after them!

So, I beg you... please think next time before you throw yourself on a guy! How much better is it to have the guy txt you first than you always txting him first? Yes, txt him first sometimes and if he shows interest in your let him know that you are interested in him. Please do not lower yourself though thinking that you are making yourself look better.

Being real,



A HopeFul Romantic said...

This is a great post, and I couldn't agree more--I too have seen it. Even if the girl doesn't know him, she will attack him as fresh prey, trying to get him first---now how romantic or God-honoring does that sound?!? Yeah, not at all.
Great post!

Natalie said...

Completely agree! Make him pursue you!

Marjo B said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It's SO fun to get comments!!! I like to know people are seeing my blog, and what they think of it!
By the way: Good post! I totally agree, and feel sorry for the poor guy you mentioned. Christian girls need to act like Christians. And it's true, they also need to let the menfolk take the lead!

♥beccaboo♥ said...

Wonderful post! I do think, though, that sometimes (especially among more "conservative" Christians) that girls are trying SO hard to play "hard to get" and not chase after guys, that they don't interact with males at all and therefore don't know how to have meaningful FRIENDSHIPS with guys they aren't interested in... I only say this because it's something I'm growing out of right now, and I'm wondering if it was pushed SO MUCH into my head when I was younger that I shouldn't flirt first or hug him, etc. that now as a college student I have trouble wondering if it's ok to even start a conversation with a male acquaintance I pass in the halls. Anyway, that got ramblesome... but just something to think about. Thanks for the marvelous post :)