Saturday, March 5, 2011


What makes you have a good day? I decided to do a post on what makes me happy! I would love to hear what makes you happy! :)

I LOVE Adam 12!! It's old, but I love how sweet and smart they are!

Chocolate milk is AMAZING!

Coupons.... I live for a good deal!!

Kids make me happy.... Make that REAL happy!

NERTZ! I'm addicted to this game! If you've never played this game you are missing out.. BIG TIME!

Big Earings and old friends bring a smile to my heart!

LOVEEEEE 7th Heaven!


Who knew it?? I throughly enjoy cooking!!

My Fat Daddy Tony passed away a year ago this next week.
He ALWAYS knew how to make me laugh....
My thoughts of him are not always bc I miss him terribly,
although I do have plenty of memories of him
which do make me smile!!

Friends make life worth living!!

There is nothing better than worshiping my Lord and Savior.... My God!

Yummy Cookies!!

Most of all.... God's Word makes me happy!!

I would enjoy getting to know you better! I challenge you to share on your blog things that you like so that the other bloggers and I can get to know you better! :)



Sierra said...

I'll do it!It looks fun :)
Sierra ♥

Marjo B said...

Wait...Is the card game ''NERTS'' Although we don't know how to spell it, its one of our FAVORITE games!
Thanks, by the way, for leaving a comment on my blog! It's SO fun to get comments!!! I like to know people are seeing my blog, and what they think of it!