Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our winner is..... LIBBI!!!! Congratulations! :) She is such a wonderful blogger and friend! She won a $10.00 gift certificate to Starbucks! Stay close bc we may be doing another one soon!

Much love to all the girls who commented! For those of you who asked prayer... Please know that we specifically lifted you up to the Lord! For those of you who mentioned topics and other things please know that we will be discussing those ASAP! Thanks for the comments and ideas!



P.W. said...

ahem ahem!! Maybe next time there should be a little hint as to what the winner is getting. Just saying. I have an addiction to anything from starbucks. But, congrats to the winner!

Love Unawakened said...

Hahahaha I wasnt completely sure what it was going to be yet when I posted the contest, but I will def let you know next time! :)

Libbilogger said...

Yay! Thanks so much!