Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Girl Law!

Have you ever heard of the, "Girl Law"? There may be more girls laws, but this is my girl law!

Girl Law: If another girl is dating, talking to, or even just likes a guy he is off limits! KEEP AWAY!

There have been many examples lately of how this rule has not been followed and people were greatly hurt. The girl law kinda goes along with the golden rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!). Would you want some girl coming after your man?! Of course not! What if they aren't officially dating? If he has something, "going on" with another woman or even if you know another girl likes him, keep your hands off! Here's the thing... If he is meant to be the one for you he will wait! Nothing is worse than to go to a church and all the women who use to be best friends are now worst enemies and they are fighting over some guy. Their friendship is ruined all because of some guy. How sad is that? Is this the way we are suppose to be? NO! Girls, we often choose a fleeting moment of pleasure over a life long friend or a chance to be a Godly example. Is it truly worth it?

While we are on this subject.... married men are the same way. It seems like a total different ball game when we talk about marriage, yet is it? I do not think so. If we did not practice cheating when we were just dating it wouldn't seem ok or even possible once we were married.

Do you get this?! I challenge you to follow the girl law.... I can promise you it will make your life way less dramatic and way more Christlike!

Praying for you as you seek God!


Sierra said...

I love and know of the girl law(didn't know the name though :).
Another thing.You wouldn't want other girls all over your guy so don't be all over other guys.Sierra
P.S. I'm going to try to do a Purity post.I'll leave you the address once I do it then maybe you can come check it out.(and see that I did horrible)

Diana Smith said...

I have heard of this law! I try and keep it!! Just be safe!!

morgan. said...

hey girl, thanks for stopping by! your blog is lovely as well.

Ashley said...

You know? That is soo true!!! I was just thinking about that.
It always drove me crazy when girls would talk about how "hot" a guy was and such and such and yet he had a girlfriend already!!! It drives me nuts, sure the guy should br strong enough to ignore it but the girl!! She should not have to live with the feeling that she has to stay on top otherwise she will lose her man!!
Thanks for posting!!