Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ladies, would you mind standing up and realizing that you are worth something?

Sweet ladies, You are of great value! I am very disturbed by some things and I want to open your eyes to them. If you have FB have you seen the "Date or pass" game? It is where someone puts on their status simply, "Date or pass" and people send their numbers in a message to the person and then the one receiving the numbers begans posting the numbers and writing "Date" or "Pass". I get that it is a game, but it at the same time it greatly disturbs me. Say a guy puts "Date or pass" on his status. All of these girls began sending their numbers. Am I the only one who thinks this is a little shallow? I know you want to know what the guys has to say, but do you realize how "Easy" you are making yourself look? Do you see that you are just a number... One of many numbers. Do you seriously want a guy to sit there and think, "Hmmmmm should i date or pass?" or if he says "date" how many other girls did he also say "date" to. Think about it...

Then you have the girls who post it on their FB and all of these guys begin sending their numbers in. First off let him be a MAN and ask you out! Not just send a lame number in and hope he is the lucky one. Also, do you think this shows that you value yourself at all? You might think so, but girls honestly it doesn't....

Precious ladies you are worth more! You are worth asking out in at least words if not in person. Yes, I'm sure it is fun to see who likes you or who would date you, but dating is not just a "game". I challenge you to rise up against the norm. Your friends may play the game, but you can be different! YOU can stand out. Yes.... YOU are worth it!

With care,

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