Saturday, September 10, 2011

Words from Cindy!

Hello My Sweets ;)

There are many different topics I discuss with teenagers when I go into a school to talk about abstinence.  One thing I see girls, of any age, deal with is self esteem.  Many girls/young women/adult women get caught up in what the media and Hollywood say is acceptable.  The media and Hollywood lie to women, whether they are a teenager, college age, or middle age.  The media and Hollywood have convinced you in order to be happy, successful, and accepted, you must be a size "0" and weigh "95" lbs.  The women we see in magazines have lived a life starving themselves and more than likely many consume alcohol and drugs.  A lot of women in the modeling industry take a pill to go to sleep and a pill to say awake.  They give up a life of normalcy in order to be famous.  With that said, over the past several years, some models have succumbed to death, from literal starvation!  Just to walk the runway!!!!  What a life huh????? The truth is, the average weight of women in America is 140 lbs. Many of the high schools I go into, the pressure is on to be accepted.  Not just high schools, but college as well!  Women in general are seeking to be accepted by someone.  To be understood. This may sound corny, but a quote from a movie I love is, "why try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?"  God created you to be different!  He created you, unique, which means "one and only."  Isn't that awesome!  When God created you He knew exactly what He was doing, because He doesn't make mistakes!! You are like a precious jewel!  A jewel value is based on it's cut, clarity, and size; it's uniqueness.  The owner of each jewel determines it's value. Your worth has already been established and YOU ARE PRICELESS!  It's difficult to see our worth, when Hollywood says we are to be like this, and the popular girl at school wears that, and the popular boy wants to date Miss Popularity!  I've asked students, "who determines who is cool or popular?  Who decides?"  When you begin to see your value, worth, and uniqueness, you will be popular in God's eyes.  You see He knows who you are.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!  The very hairs on your head are numbered. God has a job for you to do with your life. A job only you can do because of your combination of talents, experiences, and training.  You can choose to complain and grumble and tell God He messed up, or accept the beautiful person He created. Know your value! YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION!!!!  

 Be Blessed and You Are Worth Waiting For!!!!  

Cindy Smith   

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