Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to the Basics...

I have been thinking lately about when my love for God and passion became real. I had the privilege of growing up in an amazing home. I was homeschooled and went to church regularly. It was just something I had to do though until I was around 13 and went on my first mission trip. I believe that was when I realized that not everyone had the same opportunity I did and quit taking it for granted. What did I do though? I honestly remember sitting in my room for hours just reading my Bible and other Christian books about different issues. I’m not just talking one night. It was my hobby and love. I have more books from my teen years than I can count. I loved to read and learn more. I remember when sexual issues first came up. I began by looking in the concordance of my Bible and looked up every verse in there. I was passionate and I cared. Why am I not that way now? I still love God and am very passionate. I believe we become comfortable in our walk with the Lord though. We settle and get comfortable. I want to get back to what it was like in the beginning though. When I took it seriously and was in love with God more than anything else. Who is with me? I want to love God tomorrow more than I do today!


Laura Renstrom said...

You said it so well!! I coudn't agree more Jen!! Really has me thinking love ya!

Meggie said...

Me to! Challenge me Lord, and bring me back to my first love for you!