Monday, January 28, 2013


I have a new found love.... Being a homemaker! Even though I am not married, yet Matt and I still cook together and all due to both living on the same campus that does not have a meal plan. True confession time... I totally stink at any type of crafts or anything like that. It just is not my spiritual gift and I have embraced that. Well, none the less though I love saving money and feeling responsible. Honestly, it is a very strong desire of my heart to be a good steward of what I have. For this reason I love couponing and using what I have. So lately I have gotten into this phase of wanting to make things! You never realize when growing up what all your mom does. I was homeschhooled and so I knew my mom made her own bread and all, but never really thought about it. So I plan on changing out Mondays for different things that I've enjoyed doing whether is be something I cook, make, or whatever! Feel free to share any recipes you have as well!

I cant wait to be a wife!! :)


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Godsbeloved said...

So excited for you and this new season of your life sweet friend! Be warned, once you start making stuff you won't want to stop! Lol I got into "nesting mode" about 3 months ago and its still very strong!! :)

I know you will make a great wife :)