Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What would I have changed?

So now that I'm engaged I've been thinking... What would I have changed? This is a tough post. I am not exactly sure what I would change. I would not be who i am today if I had not gone through and done what I have. I made a conscience decision through my teen years to save almost everything for my future husband. I have made mistakes though and things that i wish i could change. I will say at times I feel like i settled. I got tired of waiting. I knew the guy wasnt the guy i would marry, but it felt good to be liked and so i would go further emotionally than I should have. Also, times that i wasted so much energy and thought worrying about my future that I didnt enjoy the moment. Girls your single years seem to be dreadful when really they are a gift you will most likely never have again. I love being engaged, but one of the things I keep realizing is how my single years are over. My teen years have passed and so have my single years. Part of me says, "PRAISE GOD!", but the other part ask if I used it for all i could have. I've always heard that your single years are when you have the most time for God and I beleive that is true. As you get older you have more responsibilities. Are you taking advantage of your single years? Are you making the most of them? Some day you will no longer have them. Also, are the decisions you are making today going to be something you are proud of one day or something you will wish wouldn't have happened? Just a little food for thought! :)

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Chantal Meade said...

Good thought Jennifer, I agree. I've heard to take advantage of single life and its so true.